Any one playing KOF XI and where?

I am desperate! Please Help All am looking for is some good challenge I mean im not a pro or anything but :looney: c’mon where is all the kof players at??? pLEASE respond!:wgrin:

only place I know that has KOF XI is SVGL (sunnyvale golfland). You may just need to ask in each of the specific arcade threads.

thanx a bunch man!

Fairfield Tilt has kof xi as well. we have a few players too.

i won NCR for kof02 but i don;t play XI :rofl:

i play kofxi at R&C but i hate the small cabinet. i’ll prolly bring down my ps2 one day if enough players show up.


im there!.. wait where do u live… oh fack it if theres good competition im there! I was @ sunnyvale today for like 4 hrs and NO ONE played me GRRR what’s a good night to go >???

when are you coming down to sf state?

Theres XI up at SF State, i havent been there lately though. I’ll go more often if there were more players.

when do u go ?? i m thinking about stoping by on a friday when school it’s back in season… let me know please… i am also willing to bring my copy of the imported version of xi and i have a stf joystick if any one is down for some matches even money matches…

We play KOF XI at DVC every now and then. (in pleasant hill)

hey tonchopilatos come to sfsu on friday,ill play you in some kof. im not that good tho, i have a decent beni and terry but my vanessa is shit.

i was at sf state last friday but havent seen any competition.

someone bring their ps2 this friday and a copy so we can play.

all i got is 1 joystick! do u have any more???

dam, you shouldve said something sooner, i was planning to go last friday but i didnt since i figured there will be nobody playing

so tonchopilatos u coming tomorrow?

ill be there 2m. someone please bring their ps2 besides me

ya man ill be there around 1pm and ill wait till 2pm is no one shows up im out whos gonna show up?? wait do we have a tv there? any who hopefully some people show up I also encourage any one to bring any other fighting games i’ll bring my kof’s and garou. if anybody has any questions call me at 510 870 4658. late

if you can get there earlier like 12, I’ll come by

i will do my best tell ur friends !