Any one switching from ssf4AE to ssf III 3 strike

The title says it. the game look awesome with video sending with youtube and all the new stuff coming for only 15 bucks! i expect ppl will be playing this at tourneys. for more details of the game.
If this has been already posted don’t flame me >_<!

Dev Walkthough Part 1:

Dev Walkthough Part 2:

I doubt it will bring in that many new players without rebalancing due to the game’s bad reputation.

We don’t really need threads like this do we? And it belongs more in the 3rd Strike section than here anyway. But yes, I got into SF with 3rd Strike and it’s always been my favourite fighting game, SF4 is alright but I’ve been waiting for 3rd Strike’s return for a long time.

Nope, people tend to exaggerate 3rd Strike’s balance problem, having only 6 or 7 characters shouldn’t really get in the way of players enjoying the game because the game system itself is more or less balanced. When competent players use Yun, Ken, Makoto or whatever, they are having fun because the tools and options given to them fit perfectly into the game, and successfully utilizing these options can effectively give them the upper hand, and that’s fun. If you force yourself to play Q, then I’m sorry you’re not having fun, because you’re not playing the whole game.

Bad reputation? Last I checked, a good portion of the community adores 3rd Strike.

I wouldn’t say switching, as I plan on playing both. But, I am picking the title up, yeah. Having no prior experience with it, I recently bought a PC game pad and downloaded the ROM for the Euro arcade edition to get the gist. Glad I did. However, the controller doesn’t even compare to a dual shock’s accuracy on things like 360 and 720 motions.

I’m in. I’m going to be terrible, but I’m willing to learn. I just want to feel that tight reversal window again! Commit to a SRK. Building meter with normals. Yay.

Yeah im gonna be on 3rd Strike. Had it for dreamcast when i was about 5 yrs old so I’ll love to revisit it.

3S is a very good game, but SF4 just does it better for me. I will pick it up though, I know a lot of my friends haven’t ever played it.

No switch.

Legendary VS game or not, I didn’t like the visuals, the characters, the musics when it hitted the arcade long long ago, do I don’t know why I should bother now, especially when I’m having fun with SFIV.

Or just play both.

What bad reputation? Quit talking out of your ass. The only people who bitch about 3S are people who have never played the game or never played it at a competitive level.

I use to hate on 3S a lot but it was mainly cause I was so burnt out on it at the time that it just turned to bitterness.

The only thing that I would even consider changing is Chun’s SA1 and SA2 bars be switched. And even then Chun’s SA2 isn’t even that big of a deal despite how dominate it can be.

That’s a funny joke, that word is thrown around too much with hardly any weight, might as well just call it a slight but rather insignificant alteration. Still, doubt many will get 3rd due to that it still looks 2D if any reason.

I don’t see why anyone has to switch, why not just play both? Its not like you have to play only one fighting game at all times to be good at it. Personally though I might pick up third strike if only for the youtube integration but other than that 3rd strikes never been my forte.

People that started with SFIV will for the most part get rolled and stop playing after the first month. The 3S vets will all switch to it though.
I’ll get into it for sure, but SFIV will still be my main game.

You should’ve seen how less and less people where playing 3soe at evo… lol I made people ragequit… pick chun,run away, parry everything instant overhead only rhen random cr forward to super lol.
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cant wait.
if there’s no color edit mode then im just gonna go back to sf4

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Yeah, we’ve got a 3S god here in Santa Cruz and he makes all us SFIV kids cry whenever we play GGPO. I’m gonna try and seriously get into it tho,now that I have a sensi.

Im gonna play get it as well. I still play it on Supercade from time to time. Its a great game but its also a old game. I will still keep playing IV as my main SF game but 3s will get love. I dont see 3s status at major tournaments changing from exhibition to anything else.

I’m already playing some 3s on GGPO. I’ll probably some a small break from AE cuz all the mashing and the way people play online get me all frustrated since lag dominates it.

It’s mostly just something to play until KOF13 and SFxTekken.

Why does it matter if a game is old or not?

I was playing GGPO on 3S, especially when Vanilla SFIV was out and it started putting a bad taste in my mouth. During Super, I lowered my 3S play a bit (because of how frustrating the GGPO emulator can be).

But now that it’s on an actual console, it will become one of my fighters of focus again.

For the SFIV players whining about Yun in this game, they won’t find peace in Third Strike Yun, as he’s much stronger in that iteration. But I feel the mechanics of the parry system are better than the focus one. For one, it actually lets you jump in. Secondly, it makes for some HYPE moments when the screen starts flashing like crazy and people are surviving wild situations.

It can be a great game, and I look forward to playing it again with a broader community.