Any one with svc stick experience report here plz

So i could get one of theres for practicly nothing but my question is do they play well compaired to sf anniversary / HRAP sticks. And is it worth getting even if
i can’t mod it any time soon. (im posting this from my phone since im no where near home these days so mind the spelling pl0x)

You mean one of these?

What’s ‘practically nothing’? I’d probably buy it if you pass that up…

I’ve never actually played on one, but it’s an ASCII stick so it most likely falls in between the SFAC and the HRAP. If it’s anything like the FT version it might have a Sanwa clone which would make for easy modding, Paik probably knows the answer to that one.

Yep that one.

I believe Paik’s already chimed in on this stick. AFAIK, thumbs up!

In that particular stick, they are JLF clones. Some others have Flash1 clones. But regardless, all ASCIIs that I’ve played with and modded have octagon gate, not square.

Some of them have shorter shafts than the others. I don’t feel like going though which ones have longer and shorter, but it’s probably unnecessary to point it out.

I actually have both the SVC sticks, made by Sammy after they bought out ASCIIs joystick division. I haven’t used them since they are brand new and for my collection, but I’m sure they measure well with the others I’ve played with.


They are great, I bought mine for $70 many years ago and had no regrets ever doing so.