Any openings in strider/doom trap?

is there any openings in a strider/doom trap? i mean, what do you not want some specific char to do in the middle of your trap, or what are you kinda afraid someone will actually do that will mess up ur trap? :sweat:

or what teams do you have the hardest time against?

Santhrax is one of the counters to an s/d team. You donnot want your opponent (sentinel) to hit you with a laser, fly, or basically, have an invincible assist (ken, cammy, cyke) hit you. Against cable, the ahvb, against storm, nothing really, she can drain you supers fairly quick though. And you dont want to let mag breathe which is fairly easy

i just picked up strider/doom and i have a few questions, like does strider have invincibility when he activates hcf+pp super (iono whats it called)?? cause they told me that rogue can actually go through it and hit strider a few times before she launches :confused: i also want to use rogue/strider/doom but im not sure about the order but id like to start rogue and build some meter and take advantage of doom’s cover… what do u think

I went through a shockwave using the ragnarok super. I dunno what else it can go through

how can you keep locked down a team that has storm and capcom and they keep flying and calling capcom when they land?
that is, if i dont have capcom in my team…

You bascially cant, if the opponent knows when to guard cancel and escape strider, its quite impossible to keep them down

No it isn’t. You just have to alter your traping methods.

There is no trap with strider, thats why you can keep calling doom in. Its no possible to keep them down, forever. There is a break between each panther and bird. Strider’s hits dont do much blockstun damage, jump out after doom’s rocks hit you. I’ve been playing strider since the game came out, and I’d say I have one of the best in my area, and everyone here knows how to escape. clockw0rk, on the other hand, may know how to trap, perfectly, but there’s still a way out, I’ve seen it in his vids.

dash forward / dash backwards = your friend
jumping back or super jumping won’t help you at all

a lot of the idea with SD is to create gaps and reset them to death, block damage in itself isn’t as great as it used to be. only if they have like 10% or less is it worth it to keep them in stun IMO.

FMJ is truth,

Alot of the times. i WANT them to try to get out. thats when the shit goes down.

Yep, I try to bait out an assist during the lockdown.

Strider/Tron for the win :slight_smile:

if your using sent/com

hold up mash jab+commando if it hits gg sd

(How did I miss this?)

Man. Do you even PLAY S/D? Everything you said is wrong.

There is no “break” in the trap if you do it correctly, and clock messes up the trap all the time, him more then most! Clock is just a beast. Period.

Learn S/D before you talk about it. The tiger is called only to keep them in guardstun while you activate orbs. The Tiger should hit right after (RIGHT AFTER) Dooms rocks go away, and you must be on the side of the screen thats smaller, as you can only activate orbs after they leave the screen.

And as FMJ said before, it’s not all about keeping them in blockstun.