Any opinions on the Venom PS3/PS4 arcade stick?

Yes, I am still going to make my own stick in the future. No, I won’t use the stock parts if you can say that. I want to change joystick PCB and Gate to a Sanwa GT-Y gate and a TP-MA PCB and their knock-off microswitches to Sanwa SW-68 microswitches used in OBSF-30’s. I saw a video this is possible, would you guys recommend that I do this?

Go for it.
I did a Simular mod to a stick that uses the same molding for the plastics (8Bitdo’s NES bluetooth stick).

Let me know if you got any issues.

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Luckily enough, I found a listing on ebay for the original TE, used, for 50 GBP. I’m gonna do that to the TE if needed, good deal.

Thank you for the help though!

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