Any other one sided players out there?


When i’m facing left, my execution skills are so on point. Maybe it’s the way I hold the joystick, but my DPs, FBs, everything comes out quicker and more reliable.

Switch me to facing right and my execution is cut in half. For the life of me, DPing when facing right is much harder.

Anyone else suffer from this?


I’m a right-face winner. I have to work harder for a left-facing win.

I will say this much though: using a stick has definitely made a much smaller difference in execution.


more practice will make you ok on both sides… i was like that too when i first started on a stick


Yeah, but i’ve been playing on a stick for a few years now… I can do all the moves, but i’m just so much quicker and reliable when facing left.


This game has lenient inputs so you shouldn’t have trouble. Just hit up training mode for a bit.


You force yourself to play on the side you don’t like until it’s just as good.


i had this problem in 3rd strike where i could only play on player 2 side. in this game i can play on both and i dont really care which side i am on.


Initially i was only good at the 1-player side, but now in SF4 i really dont even think about it anymore.

I have to re-learn when my new stick parts arrive though, because on a stick im much much better at 1-player side and horribly awful at the 2-player side.


Yeah I’m trying to overcome it though by looking for players so I start off on the P2 side.


Yeah, I know what you mean. That’s what I’ve been trying to do.

Yeah it is. Right now, I think the difference is probably pretty close to 3-12% difference in my right-facing exec. My biggest issue is online input lag and shit not coming out or the wrong thing coming out. I’m telling you right now, nothing in the fucking WORLD is worse than trying to do an anti-air Thunder Knuckle and having a Seismic Hammer coming out.


After getting a stick, I’ve eliminated those problems EXCEPT for qcx2 facing right. I actually do them worse on a stick. I’ve tried using charge characters to remedy this a few years ago and have actually come to prefer them.


that’s what i’m talkin’ 'bout!
did this constantly in 3rd strike.
never want to be caught in a situation where you can’t “turn it on” because you’re on your weak side.


To be quite honest, I only have this problem with Shoto’esque’ character. And DP’ing. My charge characters are much better. But I’d rather be good with Shoto characters…


Gotta practice on both, since, like it or not, you’re gonna be on the right sometimes.


I’ll be sure to throw you right side if we play.


My only issue comes with supers and ultras (for some reason the extra qcf gets me) most of the input issues I have stem from me using the 360 controller and not which direction I’m facing.


Just start playing only on the 2p side… eventually you’ll get better


For some reason, when I face right (or use a controller), I can’t perform an extra twitch. My Burst Times will come out as… what, Seismos when I do that. It showed at the Gamestop tournament (I’m still a Viper player-in-training).

When I do CvS2, it really shows; can’t pull off a Hokyoku Sen when facing right… kinda sad, really. It’s just something I’ll have to continue (albeit painfully) to work on as I delve into the experience, I guess.


I used to plug my controller/stick into the 2P slot on my PS2 to practice the other side. Can’t do that anymore because the 360 forces me into 1P regardless. Congrats, Microsoft, you are supersuck.


I have a similar problem…have problems DPing facing the right or qcf X 2 on stick but when i use pad it switches 2 the opposite side…weird huh?