Any Pad ken players? i Feel like im the only one



Just was curious, any pad playersout there??i play on 360 controller i have a B+ken aiming for an A…jus feel like im the only one lol ive beaten countless pros in sets and diffrent godlike kens…any others out there??


I play on a PS3 pad. I’m soon going to switch to playing to xbox on it’s controller.


nice man deffinetly a good switch…Im probly the best us ken player on an xbox controller…at least it seems that way…


No doubt bro. I will have the game soon [maybe next week!] and maybe we could have some matches on it when I get it. BTW, how is the Xbox controller? I do use the D-pad…Would you say it is more lenient than the PS3 controller’s D-pad?


Dunno how you guys are playing shoto on a Xbox 360 controller??! But I’m fairly competent with Ken on PS3 pad…


I played Ken on pad for a long time, shit is too complicated so I dropped him.


99% of all ken players online sure [S]mash[/S] play on a pad…


I remember in GGPO 3rd Strike having such a hard time doing kara-cancels. I’m sure they’re easier on SF4, but are they possible on pad? I know it’s basically plinking.


PS3 pad here, I swap HK (normally in R2) with MK (Circle) that way karas are a lot easier :stuck_out_tongue: the problem with pads is that some option select are just freaking impossible to do, for example (in my case): (os mp.srk) vs bison, I just cant press Square (for the st.lp) and Triangle (for the mp.srk os) simultaneously with the same finger lol.


Count me in as another PS3 pad Ken player. I just use default button config. I’m a typical online masher with bad execution and reactions. Wouldn’t matter if I’m on pad or stick.


Currently picked up Ken for AE. Using a 360 now, but I used a Ps3 pad back in vanilla. My execution has improved since, and I’m using default settings. I used to put FP and HK front and center before that. (Square and X respectively.)


I use the fightpad on Xbox