Any patient ST vets out there? Just wanna discuss the game 1 on 1, and perhaps train a little


I normally train Muay Thai, but am recovering from a health problem at the moment. During the meantime I would like to improve on ST, and I believe that talking to and playing with highly experienced and talented players is the way to go. Anyone patient enough for me? I’m not a beginner to the game, by the way, or unfamiliar with high level play in fighting games (was a top KI player). Rather, I am looking to immerse myself deeper into the gameplay that takes place at high levels in ST. I just don’t have access to the right people, and GGPO does not function for me, yet I am still able to play online through other methods (that work well).

Send me a PM or just reply here if anyone is friendly/open enough. Thanks to all those down to it!



You know I got your back homie. Been a while since we talked. If you got any IM services we can chat there or even better on skype so it’s easier. All my services are:



I would like to play against u someday redeyeguy. Can u get on supercade at least?


For the time being, I’m fixing some stuff that does not allow me to connect to GGPO or Supercade. However, I can still play P2P and with a good connection via other methods. I don’t mind just chatting with ST heads for now. I’ve sent PMs to all those who’ve replied, and hopefully we can talk more soon.

(djfrijoles, I have not seen you since a while back, yeah. I remember you on Zbattle ages ago! Those were the days, lol)


I don’t mind talking about general strategy, matchups, or gameplay philosophy, hit me up with a PM on this forum if you want to chat.


Cool, I really appreciate it.


What character(s) do you use or are looking to learn? Or are you without preference and open to learning any character?


You can talk to ultracombo on ggpo. He loves to talk about Muay Thai.


Deejay and Ryu. I pretty much just plan to specialize in using those two guys and learn the others for the sake of understanding mechanics, matchups and all the theory.

Cool. Does he practice it?


Just playing, you will get good experience (quality of execution of decisions) vs. just about anybody. But training (or even just communicating) with a Dee Jay or Ryu specialist is probably gonna have a bigger impact in boosting your overall game level (quality of actual decisions).

Of course a lot of it depends on how you learn as a person. Some people can learn from hit box and move property info, while others get much less from it. Same goes for watching top player vids or practicing in training rooms.


I’ll give sagat info in exchange for playing and teaching me KI.


Lol, I can do that.


I’m an iffy DeeJay player. Any questions I’ll try to answer. There are a loooot of people out there who’re better than my DeeJay.


Don’t listen to this guy; he’ll rip you off.

Here’s a quick and dirty crash course to playing “Old” Sagat (John Choi style)
[]Always have this song playing. At all times. Even if it’s only in your head.
]Don’t eat french fries. If french fries are currently a part of your diet, uppercut them out.
[]Throw low tigers.
a. Throw more low tigers.
(i) all day.
(ii) every day.
]Don’t talk about Fight Club.
a. What are you doing? Why’d you stop throwing low tigers?


Don’t forget about the one lonely high lp tiger you have to throw every now and then.

plus, walk forward and trip guard fools that want to jump in from far away.

You are pro now.


Even easier, pick the guy with the 3 long blades on his hand.


Or OldER Sagat, the tankiest fucker of all, who can punch or kick you from across the screen, has a broken throw range, a 5 hit “magical beat everything practically safe on whiff GET THE FUCK OFF ME” super, 4 teleports, the ability to turn to liquid as a ground attack, doesn’t stick out his arms when he throws projectiles, an even floatier jump, an even slower walk speed, and various aerial attacks. I think the other two versions of sagat are jealous, they can’t zone nearly as well.


Yo ultra, I got some new tech with gat I want to try out. Meet me on ggpo so we can bang it out. It should be good.