Any peeps @ Santa Ana/ Irvine area?

yo wattup, neone down to play some 3s in the Santa Ana/ Irvine area? I’m visiting from out of town and staying with a friend there for awhile. I enjoy comp and have been lookin for some arcades around the area. So far I’ve played a little at super arcade and zot zone at the university in irvine. I like playing for money and will accept any challenges. I’ve already played a few but i’m tired of playing the same people.

I play for fun mostly but I wanna test my skills. I’ll play my sean for money vs any character. I like challenges and money is not a problem for me. It’s wut i’m all about. Post up or hit me back if neone is down.

if you come to ffa a lot of us would mm you.

i smell a bait.

already been to ffa, mm’d a few people for kicks and didn’t like the sticks there. also it is near 2+ hours away with traffic and i can’t ask my friend to drive me that far again. Thats why i wanna know if neone is around the area is interested in getting some games in.

Its ok tho, I’ve already gotten a few contacts from around here. I met josh, dan, and another ken player at uci and they were really friendly and said they could find people who play 3s around the area no problem.

Fishing for the bait?

That’s why they call me fisherman Joe!

come to ai or james games. i got some people who’ll mm/play you, including me.

Sup Joe. I met you last week and as I’ve said before, if you bring the money, I’ll bring the comp. I organize MMs all the time (check out tekkenzaibatsu). Call me when you’re down to play. I’ll even drive you np so you won’t have drama with your friend. U said u were willing to play my peeps with sean ft5 for a bill each so I expect you to hold your end of the bargain.

I know you don’t wanna play me again for obvious reasons and here’s a little advice. If you can’t even beat my ken, you shouldn’t be challenging other ppl for money. I’m not even a 3s player, I’m a tekken player. I already have like 5 ppl interested in playing you though so whenever you’re down, hit me up. Oh and bring at least 5 bills. :slight_smile:

If you can come to ffa, I’ll play you. Let me know. I’m down anytime.

FFA is pretty damn far away. And it’s only frikkin Sean. I’ll MM you for 100 first to 5 you playing Sean. Just name when and where.

sup, im from Zot Zone
too bad Josh’s Ken is pretty scrubby :arazz:

come out to zot zone again and we’ll show you a good time (mm or not)! :woot: Im down for whatever, and i’d like to test out my skills out also!
curious, who’s the other Ken player!?

Hope to see you there!

appreciate all the responses. first n foremost, I’m for real. Don’t know why my credibility bein questioned. I said I’ll play sean ft5 $100 a piece against any campus chump. Ask around they all know me. I’ll honor my word and bring the money. Look imma be real, $100 ain’t shit to me. I’ll bring 1k in cash and set it on top of the machine before we play so no confusion.

heres my only condition: I want to be guaranteed to play at least 5 diff people for $100. I’m playin sean, the supposed worst character in the game so it shouldn’t be that difficult.

arario said he got ppl so im rdy to do this anytime.

Bean will do this.

Let me know when this is and I’ll show up. I head over to UCI to smoke and drink at my homies on the weekends usually. We can hit up his spot and smoke and shit after wards if you’re down. It ain’t that big though so we can’t bring too many people.

i used to be a uci campus chump and now am a cal poly chump does that count

GET THAT MONEY BEAN. hey fisherman. i’d be willing to play you for some cheese sometime in the beginning of the summer when i get back to southern california. for some cheese.