Any personal reviews on Samurai Shodown V?

ok saffron,
i know your opinion.

but other people that actually have this game
is this game any good? should i buy it?

save me from the same mistake i made with CFE

Honestly… no. Hit detection is very strange. Just cause you swing first means nothing for some reason. Trying to figure that out. The new characters are pathetically unbalanced. Meaning you will see them more times then not when fighting online. The backgrounds are mostly borrowed off of 3&4. Characters are smoothed out a bit animation wise like how KOF2k1 did it. Music has only a couple new tracks. Genjiro the flame guy lost their songs from 4 yet characters like Nakoruru and Galford recycled theirs.

If you love 4 rent it. Maybe you’ll like it. Maybe you won’t. Most people will probably get too frustrated w/ it to play for long periods of time.

I think it’s fun. It’s worth the $30, but you’d be better off just playing VSP on MAME/Kaillera.

I fail to see how something can be “worth $30” when something that’s free is better… :arazz:

Its not free its stolen LOL. But that doesent stop me =o.

Keep in mind I havent read any FAQs yet or even seem a match vid in like 2 years, and even the it was of early game play. I justed picked the game back up. Last I played was SS4 alooooong time ago. If it wasnt for those long sessions with Mixup and Mummy-B I wouldnt know anything about this game. With that said…

I like it so far a lot. The learning curve on it will vary depending how much you have played the series. The first thing I noticed is there are a ton of unsafe shit. Its not a heavy poking game. I think this game requires more stategy then most and a lot of baiting, since certain moves do so much damage. So far I find turtling to be the best strategy. When this first came out Mummy-B and I sat in his apartment and played for hours, he showed me a ton of shit with rera that I have since forgotten. For right now I am using Retsumaru he seems to be decent, right now I am just relearning whats safe and how to punish effectively.

When I picked it up this morning and played I noticed the clock runs fast, since I play CVS2 the clock doesnt really come into play when I am trying to form a strategy but here it does. I found alot of ppl not really abusing this, they would still attack when they really didnt have to. Another thing this to learn is the Rage Explosion and what its really for as well as consentartion. Lets say my opponent has 1 round on me and there is like 15 seconds and is running away. I will use the rage explosion around 7 seconds to stop the clock and try and deal some damage, since I am in full rage as well. If I win and goto round 3 there will be alot of turtling and by then I should have somewhat of an idea of how to win.

I havent explored consentration yet, but the idea of it seems to be along the lines of the RE. The only question I have is eventho the game is slowed is the input of blocking effected???

After about a week I will start to DL some match videos and see what high level is like. This game seems to have its own pace, to me its very Old School. The game is not really combo intensive but is good all the same, its a definite change of pace for whats out right now.

Good Luck and Enjoy.

I really like 5 as well. The match pacing is nice, and the graphics, though largely rehashes from the past couple games, still look damn nice. Love the arranged soundtrack, too.

It seems to me that they took out a good amount of the weird ass glitches from the arcade that would crash the game and such, but I don’t know if they removed the infinites(which were a major reason why 5 has a rep of being kinda broke). May have to try and see if Yoshitora’s still works, since he was the top offender.

loading times piss me off
but having fun
alot of the universal systems are cool.
hit detection seems strange to me right now, like others said
the american announcer is wack
nostalgia is probably clouding my memories, but the samsho feeling seems kindof forced compared to I and II ( which are the only ones ive ever played - no Gen An; damn). does that make sense to anyone.
still fun playing tho.
oh and f*ck that dude with the hammer
sorry for shitty review, thats the best i can do

This is my first SamSho game (well, I played SamSho III, I believe on a arcade cabinet for a few summers, but I didn’t even know what the game was called, and a majority of the buttons on the cab were either missing or broken), and i’m really enjoying it so far.

Playing against the CPU, other people online and watching match videos, it looks like theres a many things you can cheese/abuse with alot of the cast, but the game’s pace is so unique and refreshing, its easy to overlook that.

BTW, to Live players, i’ve found a glitch with the online point system(with the option to reset your own personal stats it really doesn’t matter at this early stage, but once you get 100s or 1000s of matches in, this may be important to know, if you give a goddamn about stats, that is):

While i’ve yet to figure out how it determines who gets the win when someone ties (as in both players have won 2 matches a piece…I checked all 200 or so player’s records tonight, no one has a Tie ratio as of this posting), I did notice a pretty big bug, where you can get credit for a win, regardless if you won the set or not.

If you press A to confirm a rematch, but the person your challenging doesn’t respond and you decide to hit B to cancel the request and leave, it acts like you’ve dropped from the game while its playing. It will automatically give the win to the other player (and to add salt to the wound, you get a loss). Its not like the other player has hit A and its about to goto the loading screen, they just dont have to press anything.

I got two losses like this myself this evening (before I knew what was going on), and to test it, I played a guy (Matickilaous or something…GGs man, sorry you got the loss when you should have won, but you were my guinea pig…you can get a free win off me if you want in the future :stuck_out_tongue: ), and he beat me something like 6-4. I let him send the request for a rematch and just sat there for 2 minutes. Finally he canceled the request, I checked my record, and I got a win (and a bunch of points), and no loss.

How did the multiple XboxCerts from all those different countries miss such a obvious error :rolleyes:

^^This has happened to me multiple times. About 6 people did this to me. Don’t know if they did it on purpose or not though. I noticed it giving me the losses after checking the statistics.

My TV has PiP so I just swap and watch TV till they feel like not being retarded.:wink:

i think the game is pretty good
but the only VERY BIG complaint i have is that
the game is waaayyyy too slow
the fighting engine is advanced and complex
but it’s just too slow
i’m trying to like the game
so far no luck yet
if i don’t get into this game
the only reason is because it’s just too slow
this game would be gold for anyone who enjoys SF3

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