Any Phoenix TAC aerial combo's?

So i’m I know most flight characters such as dorm, magneto, storm, sent have some sort of TAC flight combo which can gain them more meter etc. I was wondering if any of us phoenix veterans have come up or seen a video of a TAC combo involving phoenix. I would like to add this to my phoenix arsenal to improve my team synergy so learning one i would think would prove to be beneficial.

The only thing I came up with today after a few minutes in training mode was TAC’ing to phoenix and doing M,H, Forward H, flight, Light, Medium, Heavy, S.
Is there anything else that phoenix can capitalize on using TAC’s?

Hope we phoenix players can come up with something but that’s the best i’ve come up with lol.


here is this one i saw in this combo video. ill try to find it for you. it was on the front page.


it starts at @ 2:01 pretty sure that can be made into a tac

You can link off an H xx fly so you save your F+H for the fly or you can link H after f+H (even in normal combos) but the height isn’t too great for it. For quite a while I tried to make a setup with MMH Fly, LMH f+H shot dash in whatever (or MH f+H Fly LMH shot I can’t remember), but I couldn’t get it meaty enough or maybe my timing was off so I gave up. Actually I think that mighta been off of the side TAC so I pull them away from the corner for a bit, then I dash down/back and do that combo, but I think I need to get them higher when I throw the tk shot.

If you haven’t used your ground bounce yet you can end it with d+H and then you can teleport down and go for a reset or jump back up and S for the knockdown then you can otg tk shot into whatever. With Wesker I’ve been ending the air combo with S, then calling Wesker OTG while I jump d+H, then I either combo into Super or tk trap/jab into reset off that.

I’d really like to see some better TAC combos though, it would make the stupid guessing game of xxx/doom/phoenix that better.

i really dont think she has a good tac combo. the best i got was what op was doing. i was messing around with this and found that after a light fireball you can hit them with a light normal, maybe something like a storm tac with lightning sphere. that maybe the trick but as far as i know, you cant dash cancel her air normals like mag and doom so her tac will be much different then theirs. also you can only use one f+h in the air. capcom didnt want her to have a good tac combo :frowning: