Any photoshop experts? Need help with artwork for upcoming build


Hi all,

I need help putting together artwork for an upcoming case build.

Will compensate for time spent.

Please PM me for details.



There’s an art subforum on shoryuken. I don’t think Tech Talk is the right place to ask.
I’ll leave it up to you to find it, we’ll call it a choose your own adventure.


I know it, but technically none of them mention requesting artwork or help in their description. I am not looking for artwork, I am looking to mash existing artwork together. Granted, the tech forum doesn’t deal with art specifically but this is for a case build. I figured maybe there are builders/modders with experience.

Add to that the fact I did originally post in the art area but there is so little traffic there my thread didn’t get a single view.

Edit: I figured maybe the trade forums but I am not selling anything. I am compensating for work done but the guidelines for this topic only say you can’t sell, which I am not.


So if I posted in the Yun subforum because I wanted tips on Kara Palm coming out, and didn’t get a response- would it be proper for me to post for tips in the Tech Talk forum because I’m using an arcade stick?
It’s still not the right subforum.


Did I say that was the primary reason I moved the thread? Nope, indicated it didn’t help the situation but my main reason was stated.

If I went around searching for the most eyes, I would have chosen the general forum. I chose a forum directly related to my project, building a case. Furthermore, there are template threads here, so whats the difference between the two?

A template thread is asking for someone to or posting existing images that have been modded for a case build. I am asking for a photoshop expert to help me prep my work to get ready for a case build.



Kids, play nice.

While this is the wrong forum for this, there’s nothing wrong with dropping the usual amount of nice, helpful info that Tech Talk is know for. That said, there are a couple of threads here dedicated to top panel art.


Actually, you’re the person I am looking for … I think. Did you get my pm?


Check your PMs.