Any plans for Street Fighter Legends: Ken?

I’ve been reading a lot of street fighter comics comics from UDON, i know we have issues SF Legacy: Chun, Sakura and Rose, but i want to know if will we have SF legends Ken someday… or any plans to realease issues.

There’s no SFL Rose. I think you mean Ibuki heh. :smile:

Nothing’s been officially announced about the next SFL project or if they will do another. Omar Dogan REALLY likes Dan so if they use a male for the next one I think he has a better shot. But who knows.

Oops my mistake is Ibuki, my bad.

Well at least dan is a funny character, i rather to read about him than seeing him in action :lol:

Too bad we won’t have ken for SFL.

You could always ask on their page?

I asked about Vega and Bison a little while ago and got given a ‘No’ :’( It sucks because they seem like they’d be really good on back story to deal with.

I would like to see a Street Fighter Legends:Sagat.That would be bad-ass

We practically got his backstory in Legends Chun Li laughs

Too bad Ken is just a “secondary character” in SF events, i mean, this character has potential, more than ryu.

In My opinion, i think Ken has charisma, attitude and great passion for fighting and improving himself, is not just a rich boy with a hot girl, nice cars, jets, tons of money, a big mansion and a best friend that is interesting as a rock lol.