Any players in ellensburg?

first post YAY!! excuse my noobiness, there is probably another thread for this

I currently live in mukilteo, but will go to college at CWU. Is there any sort of community over there? If not, would you guys want to make up some weekly event?

Yes, there are 2 players I know of over there. One’s on the forums here and his name is Famous Nate. The other is Dale Anthony although I don’t know his handle on SRK. You could get some games with them when classes start in the fall.

Ya im here and dale will be within the next week or so, we had a couple other people over like 4 or 5 we got a group of interested people wanting to play just to broke to buy sticks for some reason, gross ass people always bummin on my stick man ill whoop that ass in the streets just like ill whoop that ass in the video games YOMP