Any players in Peterborough, Ontario?

Hey Im looking for some people to play with in Peterborough,

Ya, we dont have an arcade but anyone has a bunch of friends that love playing SF I’d like to get in on that.

I have a stick as well as a system and TV if needed, so its time to see if anyone from ptbo lurks this.

Hey man, it’s the guy from the card shop, add my email, i’m not on xbox live much anymore.

me and 2-3 buddies try to play every other week or so, we jsut bring a console/tv down to the shop and play for a few hours

Where in peterborough??

Sometimes I go up to Apsley since my family has property up there. Its relatively close i think.


I think I played you at the card shop the other week, were you the white guy? I think you had blue jeans on too?

GGs man!

looooool wango trolling.

My post wasn’t a troll :frowning:

Hey me and my friend live in peterborough and play street figher 4 if u got any tournaments going on let me know and u can count us in.