any players in San Bernardino CA


hey was up guy’s im new to this forum but not new to FG’s, anyways i been playing alot lately and im kinda tired of the whole online so i was wondering is there any players in the San Bernardino area??? or in any part of the Inland Empire that would like to play offline??? looking to catch some casuals or to maybe start a FG group where we can meet up n have casuals if anyone interested let me know


Well the Inland Empire is kinda big but if you don’t mind taking a drive to Temecula, I hold bi-weekly tournaments. There’s one this Saturday.


hmmm sounds good i don’t mind driving to other area’s but i also want to see if i can find some player in my city for when im not able to drive but thx for the info where in temecula?(never actually been there but i know of the city)


I understand. I run the tournaments at my friends comic and game store. Here’s the address if you decide to join us.
Thou Shalt Game Entertainment
27314 Jefferson Ave #9
Temecula, California 92590

It’s free and there will be Marvel and AE. We have a lot of players who come. I hope you finds players where you are and good luck :slight_smile:


thx i really appreciate it and of course ill save that address cuz i would love to go to an offline scene how often do you do these tournaments?


I do them biweekly. The tournament’s tomorrow so the next one will be on the 20th.


Myself and quite a few others stay out in SB and Riverside and we hold casuals when we can PM for details


hey waz up bro im in the san bernardino area what FG’s do you play??? currently im playing mostly ttt2, tekken 6 and doa5u but i use to play AE, SFXT and marvel


AE, Mahvel, P4A, MK, and Injustice


Hey if anyone is interested my crew will be throwing a All-Night session on the 22nd in gearing up for SCR, it will be in Colton, so if you want to attend just PM me for details