Any players in San Jose? I'm flying from MA, need exposure.

Hello SRK people, (forgive me if this isn’t the right place to post)

I’m going to San Jose California from Massachusetts with some friends for a convention and I really want to take this opportunity to see if there’s any strong players or an arcade that nearby with some competition. I hear there’s a ‘Regional Matchmaking’ Thread somewhere…I’m not claiming to be anything great at the moment but I really want to broaden my experience with strong players.

If you happen to know any one/are someone who would care to expose me in a SSF4AE session please do reply!

I’ll PM you contact info too if anyone’s interested. Thank you

(P.S. I apologize for reposting, I was told this area of the forums would have more success.)

MGL or SJSU in that area would be your best bet for some offline games

I see, I will look for these areas. Thank you! If you know the name of an Arcade that they go to I will use my phone to easily GPS that. I appreciate your help!

MGL= Milpitas Golf Land which is also an arcade…

SJSU= San Jose State University which also has an arcade…

SVGL= SunnyVale Golf Land

the 3 major places in the South Bay area with arcades

Useful explanations! xD I really appreciate it! I will check out a place or two later in the day, I really hope I can find someone decent!

I extended my stay in Cali by one more day, I will be at Milpitas Golf Land today. I will not be claiming something like 'Oh I’m representing Massachusetts or trying to prove Cali is free" , but I will be there to prove MGL is free to me xD Hope to see someone there!