Any players in the Utica Area?

I’ve been looking for players in this general area.

Yes i know there are players in Syracuse. I would like to know if there is anything or anyone in a 1-2 hour radius.

also, is there a place to meet in Utica area?

well i’m in utica and i’m also looking for utica players just hit me up if you have psn

i have xbox. is there anywhere to play at around you???

i have playstation 3 and i’m in the west utica area

Yo, I live in South Utica and play MvC3, ssf4 ,and vf5 (none to well). If any of you guys want to msg me and try to get together to play just msg me on shoryuken or Gamertag: skullreaper19

i live an hour from Utica. I play UMvC3, TTT2 SSFIV AE, and SFxT. I would love to get together over the summer and have a fighting game tournament. I am trying to get better at these games.

Get ready u scrubs :slight_smile:

I go to SUNYIT in Utica, got one more year left. Maybe we can get some casuals going next semester? We’ve already got a small community of about ~7 guys, more are always welcome. I can host at my dorm if everyone is OK with cramming into my living room.

A couple of us guys from Buffalo will be coming to play as well for Dustbowl. Hope to see some Utica peeps there as well.

I miss chicken riggies, Chesterfield’s greens, tomato pie and halfmoons ;_; plz bring some with you

Well I’m down to go play casuals as long as I dont have to work. Me and 2 others are going to Dustbowl, just to give you a picture of some of the people within the Utica area. Just call me or msg on XBL w/e you want to play, Pobega.