Any Portlanders Goin to Preppy's?


I’m thinking about driving up tomorrow…anyone else wanna go? People I know, preferably?


Shut up. /cody


I will smash you Bison v Bison. Come get it.


oh alright


if i can get some form of cash, ill role with you.


Yea all you guys should come up. Hype!


It’s like that, homey.


Yo, I don’t know you but some of the locals from versis can vouch for me. I was thinking about trying to make it to that just to meet some seattle cats and play and I gots cash so hit me up with time frame and maybe we can two car it or if it’s just me and rai we could pack it in and get there cheap.


I was just wondering to myself too if any Portland players were going. It’d be cool to see you guys up there too.


Hey Drew you should hit me up like an hour before you leave if you still have room. I might be able to go. I’ll PM you my cell #. Just txt me.


My jobs ran late and I missed all contact opportunities. Seattle is safe from the clutches of SSP for now.