Any practical uses for SBK?

I’ve just gotten into Chun and I’m aware of the cross-ups and how you can buffer the super out of damn near anything, yet I can’t find any uses for this move. Help?

It’s good to lock down characters who can’t crouch it like blanka or Zangief. Just do it, then on landing mix it up with throws and jabs into another SBK and repeat. It’s really fuckin annoying. Mix up the strengths too so you land at different times. If you RC it’s a perfect AA (they should be able to air block though and it might give them frame advantage but I’m not sure), and you can combo into it.

eh, I get thrown if I try it on gief…

only thing I use it for is if I accidentally sweep while doing a cc. While the opponent falls you can sbk them and carry them to the corner.

Yes… to look at Chun’s panties.