Any pro players or people with 4k pp or more^^


My mother always told me it never hurt to ask, so here it goes. Any player above 4k pp or any pro that wouldn’t mind playing some casuals with a random i would really appreciate it. I have seriously been playing sf now for about a year for atleast 3 to 5 days a week at 5 hours or more at a time in ranked or in the lab. In the past 4 monthes i have picked up chun li and have become more than adept with her and her match-ups, im currently lower in my pp ranking as i play all characters in ranked for better experienced players but i regularly beat people with 3 to 5k pp or top 500 ranked people on psn. So lol, if anyone would like competitive matches and help me out by giving me more high level exp i would REALLY appreciate it. My gamertag is mrlobster1287, thank you for taking the time to read^^


Majority of the times, PP gainage you see by ‘pros’ online is from farming. You should not measure a player by his points especially when the system can be so mean and take absolute loads off you. You would be surprised to know that many players may start again so their level of expertise may beat yours and you lose absolute loads for losing. I have struggled so much just to make it to 2200 pp with my Vega and it does not help when the majorty of players I happen to fight are my worst matchups possible. Either way, you’d be better off looking for a teacher who can help you with matchups and such. Believe me, that insight is valuable.


ive been 4k or more multiple times and i ain’t pro by a long shot


I know my match ups pretty well for the most part now and days or atleast the basics of what should and shouldnt be done with the whole roster and i don’t judge the skill of a player by pp, if you’re good then hit me up, i just ask for higher pp players b.c they either play alot to grind out their pp or they are good at maintaining it by not losing^^. so anyone who wants some competitive matches hit me up^^


Well I’m on xbl sorry but hey, you need any advice on Vega, then I’m your man!


The real pro players are out there putting in results in tournaments. Most don’t give a damn about online bp/pp if they even play online to begin with.

If you want a real challenge and/or you think you’re hot shit, play in a local tournament and see what’s good.


PP is pretty easy to get ye
any beginner can get 6k PP easily on xbox 360 live
it doesnt take any SKILL to get 6k PP so dont worry about PP


Really? I struggle to get 2000PP on PC with my T Hawk. It took me 150 hours to do that.
I am really that bad or the level on Xbox is lower than PC?


No not really he’s just talking shit. Very few people have cleared 6k pp and there’s no way ‘any beginner’ could get 6k without cheating either.


lol 6K pp… even the most seasoned of online warriors sit in the 5000s

Anyway I will add you I was above 4500 but I started playing guile so i am at like 3000 now i need ibuki practice


Most of the tournament level players are in the 4500+ range or above, so saying PP doesn’t matter AT ALL is pushing it. Lots of people struggle maintaining even 2000 or 3000 pp.


horrible beginner
beat that guy 7-1
my friend nuckledu beat this guy 5-0
hsien beat this guy 20-2
sonyono smug and alexmyers challenged this guy and he dodged all FT5 challenges and run away
ye you can have a horrible win rate and playing horrible vs anyone who is good and yet achieve 6k PP easily on xbox 360 aint that so?

PP does matter?


lol bro you agreed on my first comment but I think you already knew what I meant
I got Iots of respect and giving kudos to rly strong legit players but I ******** hate the other kind of players


JR Rodriguez has been playing fighting games for 10 years at least


You know what happened the last time, when you said the same things about JR?


Generally if you can maintain a 4000+ pp (more or less depending on system/region) that means 2 things:

  • You are a solid SF player who has good fundamentals
  • You are a king of gimmicks (online or otherwise) and can easily pull wins in ranked with said gimmicks

Sadly, 9/10 times its the second one, that said, its also true that most good players have higher pp. So basically really solid/good player=high pp, but high pp=/=solid/good player


I see plenty of PP/BP scholars, but no one has actually claimed to have 4000pp yet. Ahhh forums.


lol liang spamming the JR vid again. but don’t make fun of him guys…he might get mad…and u know what liang does when he gets mad…


Its hard to earn high PP because you eventually get matched up against some good players. Sure, there are tons of players out who there just grinded PP and have very poor fundamentals. But there are also elite players out there.

As for JR, he’s pretty solid. Sure, he relies on gimmicks the most out of any other Akuma player; but still, he’s pretty good in AE.


I have 5100+ PP, and 21k+ BP

And a few players Volcanic/Robertson already said they were normally above 4k.