Any pro tournament footage of Lili?



I havent seen any pros or high level tournament play for Lili. Is there any that you guys know of?

or is there any players in mind that you know of who main Lili?


Currently, there isn’t a lot of high level tournament play regarding Lili at the minute right now. She’s fairly underused even at the higher levels but to me is still good in a way.

Hopefully when I start going back to FOF (Fate of Four: a UK SFxT bi-weekly series that’s streamed every Monday at around 6-7PM GMT onwards until 11PM GMT), I should (hopefully) be able to play her at some high-ish enough level so long as I don’t keep screwing up lol.

FOF stream:

I use Lili with Akuma and have been doing so since the game was launched. If you have any questions regarding Lili, I’d be happy to answer them no problem.