Any PS3 sticks that work with CVS2?

I can only get PS2 sticks to work with a PS2 plugged in, otherwise stuck with PS3 D-Pad; i wanna be able to use a Japanese stick such as one of the TE sticks. Is it the sticks or is it that the PS3 itself cannot read sticks with CVS2.


^ am i talking about a PS3 not a PC.

Mad Catz sticks don’t work on PS2 games played on PS3.

Hori PS3 sticks do, as will most PS2 sticks with a PS2 -> PS3 converter.

My bad. Yea, as stated the HRAP3 works fine on CvS2.

You don’t really want to play CvS2 on a PS3. 3 frame lag minimum.

Is english your third language? or fourth?