Any psylocke guardbreak?

Lately i’ve been improving my psylocke game and strats, so u can’t have a good character without guard breaks huh??? So i was in training mode looking for some guarbreaks but i could’nt find any guarbreak so i’m asking u guys for some help, i’m not exactly a noob but my psylocke game is not best around, thanks for ur answers.

No one responds? Marvel 2 boards been so dead lately…

Psy normally uses mag’s projectile assist to help her gb… but that advice doesn’t help much if you aren’t playing her with mags or even more often… you are… but he’s already dead (why else would you be fighting with psy other than her gettings snapped in).

For solo gb’s on incoming character… she has a few but none are as easy or as worth it as they would be for the gods…

several forms of psy blast xx df+pp will gb… ground OR air. (meaning it can be started whether your ground or air)

cr.hp connecting late in it’s hitbox xx’d to a few different things will gb but not easily… and not to anything where you won’t be screwed if it get’s blocked b/c your slightly off. Like cr.hp xx any super she has can technically gb… you’d just want the cr.hp blocked late and to cancel late.

Pretty sure she can actually j.jab or j.short (blocked) and then cr.hp launcher will gb… pretty sure I’ve seen this in a psy combo vid… but it rarely connects during a match for me.

With her game… I think I’d rather pull some dash under tricks… or double jump+assist shenanigans… ect than go for a gb. When psy is in for me… it’s either a.) she’s my last char left and I need to play safe with her or b.) she got snapped in and i need to play safe with her til I can get her out. In this situation if I killed a char… I’d use the chance for a free switch back to mags or whoever… instead of going for gb.

This is by far the easiest and most effective solo Psylocke Guard Break:


Even if they take the hit (i.e. don’t block it), if you do the butterfly super fast enough, it will all combo. This Guard Break is VERY easy.

[EDIT] - I know the damage is really low. This GB is better if you have a strong DHC to do afterwards. Magnetic Tempest, Thanos Space Gem, or Silver Samurai Lightning Super.

Good stuff guys, Mad titan, i just can get the time 4 the psy blast one, any vid or advice??

For romneto… that last guard break was interesting brett, lol, in other threat tech master show me this other:, delay (guard break), lk psyblade (no mash), after that psylocke can OTG them, and no body rolls its true, its kinda hard to connect, but no body thinks “Oh here comes a gb, i better wait for the otg so I will be able to roll” lol, so i feel its important to post it here. Once again thanks.