Any puzzle gamers?

I got some problems at the moment with fighting games, but I really dig bust a move (puzzle de pon), breakout type games (though hard to play online due to delay), puyo puyo, columns, and such. They’re fun competitive online games since delay don’t usually affect most puzzle games. So, any of you into puzzle games, post up.

I’m not sure which one that is, but I like the series. and as far as puzzle games, that depends on what counts as a puzzle game… I’m nto sure what to classify that kinda stuff as. I wanna put Twinkle Star Sprites on that list but something tells me it’s not like that

Twinkle Star Sprites is an excellent one of a kind game. Its not a puzzle game but its a competitive shooter. Its hard to play airplane shooters online though since you have to avoid projectiles and have very minute room for error.

Super Puzzle Fighter II: Turbo!

I play Puzzle Fighter on either XBOX Live or Kaillera.

I honestly have never played puzzle fighter before. Guess I could give it a try

maybe it’s just the people I’ve played, but out of all the times I played this game, 0 games were heavily affected by lag

If you do any Bust-A-Move, Twinkle Star Sprites, or Panic Bomber I’m game. I’ve been wanting to try Cleopatra’s Fortune sometime soon as well. Another puzzler many don’t do because of its non-popularity.

I have a soft spot for Taisen Tokkae-dama. I’ve seen a Vs breakout-style game but can’t remember the name. Might have been Pop’n’Bounce/Gapporin. Gunbarich is some kind of breakout/pinballish style, but I think it’s only one player.

i play puyo puyo 2, awesome game and fun but hard to master ;[

Puyo Puyo is an another great game too. I play that as well.

Wouldn’t puzzle games (or any game with really random elements) naturally desynch because the pieces don’t come in the same order for both sides, or would the client send piece data over as well?

Would kinda suck if I saw myself playing, say, green and yellow, and my opponent saw red and green…

It sends piece data over at the same time.

however in these games it would be far more difficult to notice a DS since the opponent would still have a little motion and what not, unlike in fighting games as they just stand still or suddenly completely change play style.

I played puzzle fighter a few times in the past and everything went fine though. :slight_smile:

im down for puzzlefighter on nfba