Any recomended extentions/alterations on this aegis combo?

So i’m finaly getting some where with aegis, but playing on the dc makes it much more dificult.

Can anyone recomend any extentions or alterations to this combo?

In the corner on shotos: c.HP(1 hit), MK-charriot xx LP Aegis, RH-charriot, c.HP(2 hit), LK-charriot xx LP-Aegis, Dash back, MP.FB,(bounce of reflector)HP.FB…

By this point I havn’t got enough meter to use an EX and once they bounce back they just fall through the aegis. Also if I dont add on that HP.FB they just fall through my attacks(which is prety useles without the unblockables). I was thinking another MK.charriot might build enough meter for an EX, but juggling multiple charriots is insanely hard(until I get AE on ps2 that is).

I’ll give it a try now. Thanks.