Any recommendation for a technical fighting game from 16 bit era consoles?


I recently watched a tutorials Sailor Moon S and watched a few streams of side tournament.

What other technical fighting game could you recommend me from SNES, Genesis and PC Engine/Turbo Grafx, that never get release into arcade and never came from mainstream fighters dev like SNK, Capcom, Data East, Midway or etc besides Sailor Moon S?

Which do you prefer to be the better version of TMNT: Tournament Fighters?


Gundam Wing SNES, Power Rangers SNES games are pretty fun. Some obvious balance issues aside (especially Power Rangers lol), they are fun to do combos on.


Thanks I’ll put Gundam Wing on Snes on my list.

which is the recommended port of TMNT SNes or Genesis?



Just go to this Discord, we talk about fighters of that generation:


Eternal Champions CD.


@BzChoy thanks for the invite.

Any other recommendation for the Genesis and PC Engine.


Ranma 1/2


It’s hard to say really, technical is a definitive term and most “technical” fighters are well known, perhaps “obscure” might have been a better word to use, idk.

Of course TMNT, people LOVE that game it was such a good fighter for its time some people took it seriously. But I personally think of games like Breakers Revenge and I know you didn’t ask for SNK games but there aren’t that many others out there that aren’t widely known on those systems, like Clay Fighter and shit. RE: Power Rangers, just pick Ivan Ooze, it’s not technical.

On the Saturn you had a Golden Axe fighting game called The Duel that always intrigued me but I never played or seen much of. Two other arcade games I’ve had on my radar are Chaos Breaker and Daemon Bride, but those came much later. Sorry I can’t offer much more.


Well, if Fighter’s History is already known to you, try:

Power Instinct

Yu Yu Hakusho 2: Kakutou no Sho

P.S. I have also always gotten a kick out of Dragon - The Bruce Lee Story.


I’m familiar so much with a wide range of obscure fighter yet my problem was having a hard time separating something that is interesting and made sense in gameplay technicality aspect, because I haven’t spend enough time playing on them and understanding their mechanics specially for system like genesis and pc engine.

it hard to differentiate known titles like yuyu because they had numerous title of fighters in snes. yet get to have a chance in my youth to play yuyu final which probably more better.

Never get a chance to play Yuyu 2 before other than seeing it on YT before, Yuyu 2 seems so unfairly broken from what the video posted.

I did play a few fighter’s history and power instinct before in arcade.

Anyway thanks for the recommendation guys, looking into ranma 1/2.



International Karate was and still is the only fighting game where you can face 2 opponents at once