Any recommendations for video/audio player?

I’m thinking of picking up one for my dad, but I’m not sure what is good right now. I was thinking of the ipod video because using itunes for me was pretty easy, but I’m not sure how the battery life on the ipod video is. So I’m asking what would you guys recommended for an audio/video player.

Also, is it possible for those types of players to play dvd? and if so, is it easy to do so?

My ipod video lasts only like 3 hours when watching shit. I think my battery just blows ass though.

As far as playing dvds on ipods goes, my friend has a program for Mac that rips dvds into the correct format. I don’t know the name of it though.

zune :tup:

i have a program like that one ^^^
encoding time is a bitch!

Was reading some reviews on that, and a lot of people seem to not like the software. Anyone recommend the zen vision m?

I really enjoy my iPod video. If you go with the iPod make sure you get the model with the largest Harddrive. I’m not positive it is the case now, but when I bought mine, the larger HD model had a slightly better battery. I get ~4 hours of video, which is plenty for my needs.

I really can’t say enough good things about it.

The only problem with it is you pretty much have to buy some sort of case for it, as it will scratch up if you sneeze on it. I recommend the agent 18 cases.

Was wondering if anyone has a zen vision m and can tell me if you can click and drag files or does it need to be converted?