Any regrets?


Are there any regrets that people have about evl2k3? Basically, anything relating to the event…
Personally, I regret not practicing the night before, I ahvent played the game(CvS2) in like 2 weeks ona stick, so I couldn’t pull off supers. There were svereal occasions during my match that I could have pulled offa super, but instead did a qcf or something.
Also, I regret not coming on saturday and sunday…Man, I wanted to come and watch so bad!


having to leave sunday right after tekken tag sucked, cuz i really wanted to watch 3s/t4/ggxx/cvs2, but i dunno if i coulda made a 6 hour drive at 12 or 1am…
that’s about it…
everything else was SICK!!!


Aye…I forgot to say farewell to these people as well!
Magnetro, g0ku3x, Dj-b13, Jwong, James Austin, Running, and also ronin (despite not knowing the last two very well). I hope to see you guys next year! (or sooner if a chance comes up :))


No regrets…great tourney…



dammit keith you should have stayed tsktsktsk.

I regret staying up all night on Thursday and feeling really groggy on Friday all day. I don’t think it messed up my game but I didn’t feel very good that day.

Wished I made it out of my pool in GGXX…I was one game away =(


If i would have slept more, i’d have missed all dat goodness

no real regrets:D


I regret not figuring out my travel arrangements untill the night before the tournament. I ended up missing the last bus that ran the night before evo (sing up day) by like 20 minutes. So I took a train the next morning (I could have taken an earlier train, but the rest of my family was traveling to L.A. Union station, so it would have been a major inconvenience to them to have to have some one wake up like an hour early just to take me to the train station, then drive back home, then to the station again).

I also kinda regret deciding to walk from the train station to evo. I didn’t think that the 6-8 miles that it was would have taken 3 hours to walk. Oh well, at least it saved me money and I didn’t miss anything big (got to evo at like 3:30 on friday…pools were no big deal, I still got to see all of my friends compete in GGXX)

those aren’t even really big regrets. The fact that I didn’t play in the tourney is no big deal. I know that I wouldn’t have won anything (though there was always that very slim chance) so I went in not minding that I would miss sign-ups

so I don’t really have any real regrets. I even got to play a japanese player (bos or bas or however you spell it). He was really cool, I almost won by __ that much.

My post is way too long…I leave you all now



Oh, man, I also forgot this:
No repsect to Arturo and KSK…
After my matches, I just walked away and didn’t shake their hands or anything… I feel really bad about that…I apologized to Arturo Sanchez later, but I have no way of apologizing ot KSK.


that I had to leave early, how lost about 80 dollars, and my ATM card.


I regret not getting fully practiced up, not so much as tactics and shit, but i wanted to find out how to calm nerves and what makes me play well, cause i am so hot/cold when it comes to competition.

But i dont regret going down, best SF experience ever.


The only thing that i regret, was being to risky/greedy in my last marvel match that i lost, cause i should have won, only to get jacked in the loser’s final of pool 9…and i regret not practicing TTT ever and getting jacked by to ppl who were friends with each other, and for the record…YOU GUYS STILL SUCK DICK AT THAT GAME…I’M GLAD THAT KUNI JACKED YOU GUYS…