Any retail stores sell the zune usb cable?

Been looking all day and not one store that I’ve called sells the usb cable for the zune. I cant order online at this moment or else I would have already. Does anyone know any retailer that will definitely have on in stock?

I tried

Circuit City
Radio Shack
Best Buy

even a substitute would be fine. I just need something to charge and transfer music to it.

is it some special cable?

Doesn’t GameStop sell the Zune? They should have the cable.

GS doesn’t have them either.

It’s nothing special from what I know. I lost the original wire that came with it. It’s kinda wide on one end and usb on the other end.

No WalMart in Long Island? Ours have them and a 3rd party variety too.

Yeah, def. try Walmart. I know my local WalMart has them.

Didn’t think of that. I’ll hit them up tomorrow.


My walmart didn’t have it. It’s a shitty mall walmart.

looks like somebody bought the wrong media player…

They have them at my local target also. You should try target or if anything just order one online since it seems near impossible to find one around where you’re located.

Looks like you have a shitty bestbuy too. I have a zune and they sell them at my best buy. its a little package that comes with the outlet charger, car charger, and an extra zune to USB conection for them