Any right handers ever try using a left-handed stick?

… as in the the stick would be on the right- buttons on the left.

i’m making the conversion from playing w/ pads to playing w/ an arcade stick. was in training mode when i decided to play cross-armed (right hand on stick- left hand on buttons) and it seemed right to me. Im right-handed. I felt much more accurate doing this- but the cross armed was awkward.

Anyone ever make the switch to having the stick on the right? maybe w/ a custom stick? did it work out?

when i play FPS’ on PC i use the mouse w/ my right hand for better control and then the wasd keys i hit w/ the left- just makes sense that srk’s and qcfx2 would also be easier w/ your right. (for righties)

I know there are some that have made there own custom sticks in the past for VF and SF- but it looks like a b*tch of an undertaking. thought i’d ask here first before even researching how i would go about tackling a project like a custom stick.

Maybe you could just open up your arcade stick and flip flop all the buttons and stick then just play with the whole thing upside down? Like Jimi Hendrix lol

Well OP I am left handed and I may end up having a stick made with this kind of layout if I decide that a stick is the right kind of controller for me. (I’ll be picking up a fight stick 3 in the next few weeks to see how things work out.)

I bought a Robocop arcade machine that someone had made left handed. It was so weird having the joystick reversed, it almost made Robocop interesting. Played through it once then gutted that bitch for a real arcade game.

You must be from Mexico / are of Mexican descent.

you know whats hard for left handers? table soccer. you cant score with the middle, so a lefty only has his/her goaly as a hard striker. while a righty would have the 2 defenders in front of the goaly, and the 3 strikers. while playing through the field with his left on the middlefield and goaly. sometimes its damn hard being a lefty, but then again i do kick ass with table soccer. probably cause im a righty:).

just play cross handed ala mexican style

we had to learn by force since we didn’t have other option with those inverted machines, I don’t know if they still make them,but you get used to it

now I kind of miss that

sigh the old days