Any Ryo users



who uses this guy? would you seriously pick him over ryu or ken??


Super n00bie used to talk about Ryo stuff way back when the game was fresh.

Ryu and Ken are a little bit different than Ryo. They are probably better than him though. You have to be able to use ryo’s zanretsuken(forward-back-forward+p) well to start using this guy.
I dunno about EO but in motm this guy turned out to suck(except in A), which is pretty much why no one uses him any more. Yuri is a better kyokugen character than Ryo.

most used groove: a then c

crossover, xx hcb+p
c.lp,, qcf+p
s.lp, s.lp xx dp+p

qcf,hcb+mp(after he lands from the uppercut), qcf,hcb+p

-hcb+p then f-b-f+p, c.hp, f-b-f+p, c.hp… end with either super
-db, f+k(before second hit connects) qcf+p, qcf+p, qcf+p … <–his chipping cc
-in corner dp+lp repeated


For a no-link B&B, try c.jab/j.roundhouse, c.jab, c.short, Jab FB.

For links, you can do (charge d/b) d/b.jab, d/b.fierce, f+roundhouse.


If you don’t have a level 3 when you start, or if you don’t want to waste a full meter, you can do f-b-f+fierce when you land from the super for decent damage.


My videos have the basics for him. You ideally do NOT want to do HCB+P for all the hits within a CC (you DO however want to do it BEFORE activation). If you do you get around 600 points damage and you lost the chance to do the most damaging 4 hits of the combo. Your next hit does less than half the damage it does out of CC. Not good. Also, I haven’t used Ryo in a while, but I think your first combo only works in the corner. Midscreen you have to roll after the Crazy Hands to connect a c.fierce.


id say ryo is better than ryu but can’t hold up to the better shotoishs like ken sagat and morrigan, hes got a completely different strat though. ryo can zone that shit out and punish mistakes, id say hes more like rugal than any shoto. jump in fireball, lp uppercut if they try to attack or jump, fbf+p if they roll, if they turtle throw or start zoning again with a slow fireball and rush in. anyone disagree? if so, tell me and why, and what grooves are his best?


Yeah you’re absolutely right. But the point of doing hcb+p is that it gives me time to pull zanretsuken correctly. Scrubby players(=myself) need a little bit of pause between moves to pull them correctly, and that move gives a little bit of time. I forgot to add that the combos are corner only. In midscreen ryo doesn’t honestly have much except the standard DP cancel combos IMO.

I was fooling around yesterday and found a easy way to pull zanretsuken in combo:
Crossover jmk, hold back+p, forward+p.
I was originally going to do hiensippukayku when I did that but zanretsuken came out instead. Thought it was kinda cool.


P groove Ryo fucking owns.


How is ken better than ryu???

Anyway, K-Ryo is the best. His BnB does insane damage when he is raged. His overhead (low jump RH) is sick. Dp when he lands from it will beat everything except supers.


You forgot blocking. Once you’ve played SF long enuf, u learn to watch out for these bait-outs, and just prefer to block. That’s why it’s better to block a lot against players who use a lot of gimicks. Keep in mind i’m saying this because I am the king of gimmicks. I can feel them coming when others try them on me. The best way to not get hit by these gimmicks is to ask yourself:

What’s worse? Getting thrown or getting super’ed?


Yes, and when you start to block, you get thrown. Don’t tell me you can guess correctly all the time.


In K 2-3 throws (assuming no other hits even) is a super pretty much, and you get plenty of time for it.


I don’t know if it’s just me but I noticed that with Ryo I have an easy time getting out of corner traps.


I actually prefer Ryo over the shotos. Who needs all that horizontal range on a DP? Ryo’s is the TRUTH! Lol…anyway, it’s already been said that he’s hell in P Groove as well as K. I can’t do an A groove CC with him worth anything though (doesn’t mean I don’t try). I got a question though.

Anybody got some good setups for his Lv3 super? I know it’s invincible for a long time, but I don’t land it hardly as much as I did in the original CvS.