Any Samurai Shodown 0 rips yet?

Like big rip sets?

If not, I’ll probably do some soon.

looking for any character inparticular, im sure i could take some shots.

EDIT : click here for some screenshots which can be gif’ed. (the new characters)

Site is geocities, so i think you know what to do with those links.

Yeah, but has anyone done any big rips from the rom?

damn! those look sick:cool:


My bootleg Yoshitora rip.


Thanks a lot for the screens.

can iget a link to the rom? or somebody pm me? thx:D

Pls no rom talk.

YEA! Better not speak no ting bout no ROM>!:smiley:


no problem, i’ll try and take some shots to turn into animations, but with it being christmas here (right now), im not in the mood :stuck_out_tongue:

Isn’t it funny that you can’t talk about roms in forums like these yet they support images ripped from them…

bass ackwards…:lol: :cool: