Any security professionals here?

I started studying for my SSCP/CISSP tests. I just wanted to know if anyone here is in the field and how they feel about it. And what sort of work they do and how they got their job.

So far, I’m through the first chapter and it’s been a breeze. Kerberos is a pain, though. not hard to learn, just extremely boring. Same thing with the Orangebook specifications. But I’m a pretty security-minded individual and really anxious to get started in the field I’ve chosen (finally).

I have the CISSP, ISSAP, ISSMP, CBCP, CISA, and CISM, and have worked in the field for 10 years.

You are going the right route. Just keep studying. The CISSP is a test of your recall of facts rather than a test of knowledge per se. Do you work in security right now or is this a field you want to enter? I can give you the details of some recruiters, if the latter.

Hope that helps,


Dont forget to start working out. I like to see Security Officers slam the shit outta people! the best ones are at airports! oh shit wait for it wait for…GOLDBERG!!! :lol: