Any SF Vets that that enjoy single player alot?


Am i the only SF player that enjoy all the single player modes alot especially arcade modes and stuff and only use online as a 2nd option to me single player stuff is important i enjoy single player stuff alot just because there is never lag or anything.
I am moving soon tho and then ill have good internet but i will still enjoy single play still the most for some reason im rly hoping capcom will help us casuals…
I do and am competitive dont get me wrong but im a LAN or VS Mode competitive in my home town but thats still single play no inet is used there just the 2pl VS mode thats where i like to compete …so you see i need my offline stuff…

Am i the only one feeling this way?
Why is no one speaking up?
What im trying to say is im not always up for competitive play i sometimes want to sit on my couch after a hard day work with a beer and play arcade mode on hard difficulty and can pause the game anytime and continue…
If i want to practise or play seriously ill hop online…


Arcade mode is crap. Beyond using it for unlocks or lol-lore, I don’t know why people would want to play it.


I enjoyed trying to beat arcade mode back in 1994 or whatever but it gets old pretty fast for me now. Nowadays its either training mode or online multiplayer for me. If they did a proper story mode that wasn’t so cringe-inducing I’d probably play that.


There’s really no reason for arcade mode in 2016.

Just play the computer in versus and have it be random select.



Like i say where i live internet sucks thats why we also compete in 2 VS mode im moving soon so i can game online again but i still want my single player modes for casual play i use online only to compete or practise against real people for the 2vs mode if i go there, but capcom said theyre looking into arcade mode i hope they wont let us down that love that mode.


There is no VS CPU mode dude only training thats what im saying i need an CPU And the arcade mode lol


Just play Survival.
Same shit.


Arcade mode has one use: practicing landing combos and a moving target. you could simulate the same in training mode.

Other than that, no, this isn’t the place that would care about arcade mode. We can get you to be really good at versus though.


That’s like playing a final fantasy game for the sole purpose of playing one of their silly side games they include in the game (like blitzball). Sure it can be fun for a while, but that’s not the purpose of the game.


Playing the CPU teaches you bad habits if you’re actually trying to compete or even play casually with other competent players. Just stick to training mode when you don’t have the internet.


If you’re not that into a fighting game, single player can be a lot of fun.
I loved single player in Tekken Tag 2, Soul Calibur and Mortal Kombat 9.

To be honest though, single player in MKX and especially in conjunction with how unlocking works in that game can suck a dick.

Dunno why people dickride MKX so hard on single player stuff.
Challenge towers are shit compared to the tower in MK9 and you get like 100 koins for everything you do and need 5000 to unlock something shitty.
If you don’t pay in MKX you’re in for a long and boring grind.


You’re not alone dude. I play fighting games for single player and local matches with my brothers or my friends. I’m not into the FGC or the competitive fighting scene at all and enjoy a good fighting game because I love it.

I actually do care about the lore, the story, and the characters of Street Fighter. (Yes, to all you single-player mode bashers, people like me exist!)

And I enjoy playing single player modes (arcade, story, survival, MKX: Tower, krypt, test your ____) because I personally find those fun. No sense in getting my ass kicked online and getting frustrated when I can easily beat up a CPU or a human player and feel good about it. (Unlocking extra features are a huge plus for me (endings, costumes, money, etc)

I get better every day and I don’t lose a lot online any more but if you were to ask me honestly straight up, I would tell you that I enjoy playing single player more than i do playing online. I enjoy the lore, the character development, the stories, and the art of the game WAY more than frames data, Capcom Cup events, how Daigo is playing, and any of that competitive stuff.

This entire forum may disagree with me, but that is how I feel. I’m glad we’re gonna get more single player stuff in the future, but I just wished it came with it a little sooner.


I hope you guys are joking, everywhere I look somebody is upset with a lack of arcade mode. There are certainly plenty of players that enjoy playing by themselves.

It is a bit strange, though, considering survival mode is the same as arcade mode with power ups. In my opinion it’s a bit of an improvement over arcade mode, though that is of course up for debate. I wonder if it had just been called arcade mode in the first place would have the same complaint?


That’s true. Difference between a traditional Arcade mode and a survival mode is that in an arcade mode, you usually are rewarded with a small little bonus upon completion (like a character story ending, or a costume, or an additional character). Survival is kind of like arcade mode, but the difference is that In survival mode, you only have ONE chance to beat the game. And regardless of how many power ups you used, when that life bar hits zero, you lose and have to start over again.
With arcade mode, you have the option to at least continue, even after you’re defeated. So you can still complete the mode and unlock that reward/character/costume. But with Survival, it’s frustrating because you have no continue option. And after you are defeated, you have to start all over again.


I didn’t think hard about that, that’s always frustrating to be just a few matches away and lose it all.

I suppose another big difference is the match format, first to 1 win is the victor, as opposed to the more standard first to 2.

I’ll be the first to advocate for people that enjoy the game in different ways, but I have to admit I’m pretty ordinary in that I’m only personally interested in modes that are competitive, or that complement competitive modes, such as training.


Nah. FGC Savage here


This has not been in dispute at all (regardless of how much people want to say that those of us discussing why the lack of arcade mode doesn’t matter in the long run think), on the other hand, nobody should be coming on SRK for shit other than how to get better at versus. Yeah people in here enjoy some of the single player stuff in fighting games.

Nobody is staying here because of it. Are some people gonna be upset? yes. Does it really matter in the long run for users in this site? Nope.


When I first heard there was no arcade mode, I didn’t think it was a bad thing. The mode only really existed to give people something to play in the arcade that would eat up their quarters. SF has always been about playing real people. Idk if that was intentional, but playing against the AI is terrible in any fighter. It doesn’t play like real people, which makes it nearly useless for training. It can usually react to your inputs, which is cheating. There are no mind games, and faults in the AI can be exploited.

I have no idea why someone would want to play that more than once, unless they are grinding for points or something.


I dont like it because I cant play seriously knowing I am fighting CPU. There are no mind games or baits from both sides. The computer doesnt always punish. It gets very annoying when the CPU plays randomly with success.

Its the actual street fighter chess game against a real person which is fun for me in a fighting game. Maybe things are changing with other games now, but single player is not exactly content heavy in fighting games. What do you get in third strike or SF4. A text conversation or small insignificant cutscene? Theres no payoff and certainly no replay value for me.

I did Story mode for the FM, and it was like a slog. Wasnt really that entertaining.

Survival? Meh.

I used to play these modes when I was a kid. CVS2 I used to love Survival and Arcade. The sub and secret bosses etc. It was awesome.