Any SF3 players in the Toronto area?

What’s up ppl, i’m going to make this brief. I live in the Markham/Scarborough area, and a friend of mine and I are lookin’ to make a crew, or at least find more ppl to play SF3 with. We usually meet up at my house and play the PS2 version. I main Akuma and my friend mains Ken. We are looking to enter more tournaments and such, not just casual play. If anybody is within the area or can travel down to the Scarborough/Markham area, please leave a post and let’s play!!

:rolleyes: Nothing says “brief statement” like spamming every GTA region. :rolleyes:

not really any 3s players in that area

Do you have a sister. How old is your mom?

Yeah, to be totally honest I’ve never heard of any major 3S players in the Markham area. There just arn’t really any arcades in north Toronto, so understandably the whole fighting game community must be pretty light in that part of town, if it’s there at all. If you’re really interested in some competition for
3S I would have to suggest that you make your way over to the Windsor area, as that is where the serious and most professional 3S players are located in Canada at least. If you go you’ll wanna look up a couple guys named the Johnson brothers, there both fantastic 3S players and have placed top 3 in almost all important Canadian 3S tournaments. I’ve also heard that they’re both some of the best players on xbox live, top 100 I think, which is very impressive since xbox live 3S is widely considered the benchmark for professional SF3, even eclypsing the Japanese scene!

But yeah, about the first point, unfortunately you’re not gonna have much luck in the Markham area so it looks like your best bet is to stick with your console get togethers or to travel outside Toronto.

pay a visit to funland…tis the best arcade in canada…this dude with goatie uses Ken and hes AMAZING ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Where’s funland?

Go to funland if you wanna get a knife jabbed into your kidneys and love the smell of cigarettes.

alright higashi if you can’t already tell everyone is shitting you coz you’re a moron for not knowing about toronto’s huge 3s scene. go to Orbit @ pacific mall, Funland by eaton centre, Lovegety at hwy 7/leslie, or the York University arcade. any of these places have decent competition for someone who plays console.

we need new people and even relatively new guys like RTSD are getting use to shitting on scrubs. cheers to the future of the 3s scene!

It’s only cause I’m so good at it.

To clear things up, I am aware of the 3s tournament scene. I got to Orbit (saying that for the last time), there are some good players there, some not very impressive. I live near there, and I go there a lot. I am well aware that rank battles go on there. J. Wong came to a couple of them (didn’t go too well against him, but o well). I created this simply to find ppl to come over and play at my house so I can have competition while not having to spend money at arcades. If that’s so hard to understand, please let me know. Why I have to get ripped on for something so simple, I don’t know.

Wong’s been to our ranbats?!

Oh fuck.

Don’t worry, I’m not impressed by the Orbit, Funland or Getty players. Play on Kaillera.

Don’t you remember? It was like 1.4, you KOed Tokido with a rose.

im willing to play anywhere i am from the buffalo area and willing to travel up there for any good day of playing…3s and GGXX are my game…let me know where people are playing lets set up and date to meet up at a house or arcade…perferably a house…let me know…my email is

Maybe I’ll come and play if you learn to speak english.