Any SF4 players from the Netherlands?

What’s up guys.
I’m looking for some players from the netherlands for on or offline matchmaking.
i’m not a pro or anything i’m just a fan and would like to meet new people online or offline to share the passion for the game.
I play on PS3 with tag: methodone89
and own a PS4 on wich i will buy USFIV on it

I have a PS3 but no USFIV for it, just GGXrd. Eventually i’ll buy a PS4 though and also grab a copy of USFIV. Just going to put my name out here to get the thread going.

XBL - Lokum NL
PSN - LockM
STEAM - Lok N Ki

  • I mainly play on PC now, XBL Gold just ran out.

i’m located in Groningen, so i’m a bit away from where i think most dutch SF players are located.

on the PS3 I have
street fighter IV vanilla
super street fighter IV: Arcade Edition
Ultra Street fighter IV
Ultimate MvC 3

I don’t know where the SF players are located , me i live in Roermond, but wouldn’t mind organizing a monthly meeting somewhere in the middle

Just came across this thread. I know it’s old but was looking for some dutch players myself.

From Groningen.

USFIV on ps4 - Frankmeister is my tag.

I know the thread has been neglected for a while, but with the release of SFV coming close who’s playing on PS4 and will be playing SFV in February?

Sent you a friend invite.

Also sent you a friend inv on PS4, however there is crossplay so we can still play if i’m on PC.

Yo, based in Utrecht. I’m looking for a used fight stick for a friend who is interested in picking up the game. The new sticks are expensive. Private message me if you know anyone selling.

Dutch scene can be found on facebook nowadays.