Any sf4 players in the Bellingham area?

Tryn to find players in the 360 area. I got the setups for a tournament i just need to know if they are players around in the area. Im just tryn to improve my SFIV game hit me up if so.

There are plenty of players in the 360.

You just have to specify what part.

(I know you mean Bellingham, I’m just being an ass because I’m in (a part of) the 360, too. :bgrin:)

There are a few dudes up there. I’m sure if they know about this thread, they’ll chime in.

You should do what Famous Nate Douville does and come kick it in Seattle for sessions and tourneys. Nate’s a student at CWU and I know that the commute from Eburg to Seattle is exactly 1.5 hours, just like it is from Bham to Seattle.

Yeah i think that is what. Im gonna do Im gonna be in seattle this weekend for a session, also theres a tourney up in bham at Reset Games April 25 at 7pm dont know how many beaters will be there but Im lookn forward to find some players Im just tryn to get better bro.

How was that tournament?

Hey, just moved up to Bellingham and am pretty noob when it comes to SSF4. I’m looking for ppl to practice and learn from.

I’m on PS3, don’t know if that matters or not.

Anyways hit me up for some SF!