Any SFII players near San Francisco/Redwood City?

Hey, a friend and I are looking for good players near Redwood City to play at the Century 20 movie theater in downtown Redwood City. They have a classic video game cabinet with all the Street Fighter games.

If you’re game, you can post here or reach me at mjgold1 @



How about you guys come down to milpitas Golf Land this weekend? I then I will be glad to play against you guys…SF2 CE or HF or ST(they are all on one machine there that is of course if you want a really tough challenge, I have brother is very good as well. But, if your looking for lots of comp you got to go on to GGPO(a few pros are on there playing ST) or 2df online.

If you guys do plan to go to MGL then pm me on what time is best. On a side note the HF on those multi game machines is a messed up emu version and the speed is 4 times as fast as its supposed to be, I know since I use to own a HF machine.

My email is

Yo, I would really like to get some matches in, have 2 sitdown cabs and an ST board. I live in San Mateo, anyone interested, email me at michaelschult at gmail dot com

Thc , we you like :karate:

Finally some peninsula players. THC you have e-mail.

Didn’t know anyone else here lived in San Mateo. I’ve wanted to play/learn 3s and ST for a while but never was able to travel down to the Golfland’s much, I ended up playing Smash as my fighter

If anyone around wants to figure something out, message me on AIM

I live in burlingame now, but I’m always down for practicing. I don’t have a joystick is the only problem. I’d have to practice with a controller until mine is completed unless you have some.

I have a MAS stick, no P360 and my PS2 is out of commission so I’ve got nothing but PS2 and GC controllers

But yeah once my first few days of college go by I’d be down to play some 3s or something

Lemme know when. I work nights, but have fri/sat off. I can bring over ps2 anniv. edition for 3s.

Oh man, just saw this now. I play ST and I’m learning a smidgeon of 3s. Competition at evo was mad crazy for ST this year.

Holler you guys are getting games in. Otherwise, see you on GGPO.

How about sometime this weekend?


Not for me, one of the biggest Brawl tournaments ever being held in Emery, for sure getting some of that

**Does anybody still play Alpha3, I wanna bring that shit back!

It’s all about Cody, Balrog, and Mika**