Any SFV players going to EVO?


If so post up here. I’ve decided to go to both so we can meet up and play games, grab a bit, go to strip club, whatever. I should be at CEO by Friday and Evo by Thursday. I’ll be in California about 4 days before Evo as well. Which means if they’re having a WNF on Evo week I’ll be there.

Ibuki better be playable at Evo. Even if I decide not to use her there. Do it for the ninja lovers.

@Rugalitarian I already know you’ll be at CEO so look forward to getting more Claw practice in. I’ll have Ibuki rushing you down by Evo.


I’ll be at EVO this year but only for Sunday’s event. I land on Saturday and have a bachelor party to attend.

I’ll be there until Tuesday night but work on Tuesday offsite.

So Monday I’ll be 100% free, just recovering from drinking the night before.

I dunno if I’ll play video games but I’ll say hi.


Cool yeah I’ll be gone by Monday for sure. I’ve never done this Sunday convention center event thing so that’ll be new for me. I still have to buy my ticket for that too. I’ll say wuz up if I see you. We can probably all set up a facebook chat or something so we can keep each other updated on where we are or what’s around.


ill be at CEO, evo is too rich for my blood (maybe because I didnt plan for it)

I do plan to go to EVO before I retire from competitive gaming


Sure, or just hit me up on PM here. Believe me, I will be shitposting throughout the entire event.

Get your job to pay for all/a portion of it. That’s what I did.


Signed up for EVO. Can’t wait to put faces behind some of these names. DevilJin, I remember seeing your name on these forums since the xbox360 3rd strike anniversary collection days.

Sandybags still on here?


I saw sandybags post recently.

I’ll be playing some 3rd Strike too if they have that arcade cabinet in the room like last year. Maybe find some of the guys that are playing in the side 3S tournament that I’m sure is happening. Look forward to seeing you there. Play some games, git gudder, do Vegas stuff.


Well seeing as how SFV has 4000 entrants +. I would say there are SFV players going to EVO


@“DevilJin 01” Meet me sumwhere. You ain’t rushing shit down at EVO bitch! You better come by strapped.


Hmmm…I figured this would be the case. With that many people someone from SRK has got to be there.

I’m coming strapped to merc on yo ass. Got my ninja knives and 9 mili, you don’t want it.


100% for CEO, hopefully going to EVO. crosses fingers



@MarLonLonMilk Yeah I’m gonna be at Evo.


Player Locator Available:

I tentatively play Friday, 10:00 am Pool B125


That was disgustingly decadent.



Awesome, @"DevilJin 01. I get in on Wednesday. Let me know if you’re down to run sets.


Update if its 5000+ entrants on that day.


@DiasFox won’t need to do that


I am really doing that avatar face of yours with that speech now.


I’m going.


Hey what’s your steam name?
PervyJinPC turns up “no users found”.