Any SFV tournaments in New Jersey?


Anyone got any info on tournaments or weekly’s in New Jersey?


I’m not from there so I can’t tell you anything about Jersey, but if you use facebook or twitter regularly you can surely find an active FGC scene for your region. The FGC tends to communicate via social media these days.

You can also try the regional boards here, but I doubt they are as active as they used to be. That’s how people met up back in the day.


8 on the break


I thought 8 on the Break went out of business. No one streams from there once Jaxl or whatever his fat ass name was stopped doing it.

There’s a Facebook group for NJ tournaments. There are still a couple places in North Jersey you can play. I think Fort Lee is where people go.


Just checked the group, 8 on the Break is still there. Funny. They have SFV and Smash casuals weekly, I guess.