Any SG giefs?

So, finally after a few of months of moderate playing (maybe half hour a day average), I’ve reached G1. I was winning maybe 3 or 4 out of 5 G2 tournaments. Any idea how long it will take to get to SG? Are there even any Giefs in SG on xbox? I think there were only a few people there? I’m thinking this is going to take a year…

I’m in SG on xbl. Got there last week it sucks, there is no one to play. At 30 minutes a night it might take u about a year. It took me 2.5 months playing 2 to 3 hours a night. Take your time.

i haven’t touched my ps3 in many days. I’ve gotten to G1 since last week and haven’t really played too much. Been playing PC one more really. And i’m like 9000 points now and climbing faster than ps3 lolz, does that mean not many good players on pc??? I don’t know but i’ve met really good ones and i can’t beat em’.

I guess this is why I’ve been seeing you in ranked a lot lately. You’re a tough opponent.

SG gief here
PSN name is Caitsithkhio
really hoping to play anyone cause theres hardly any matches in SG…

I have 69k GP Starnab gave me a tips, you can reset G1 tournament when you make a non grade tournament. So you can stay in G1 waiting for more people on SG.

I hardly ever do champ mode so I’m only like G2 something. When I do champ I go for liek 2-3 champs and then call it a nyte.

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I got to G1 on PC and there is no one there. Most people aren’t very good in G2 so I raced through it rather quickly… I doubt anyone will be reaching SG on PC because there just isn’t enough people playing. Now that I think I’m semi decent on the stick, I’ll go back to playing G1 on PSN. There’s at least people to play. But most people on there aren’t that great either… oh well. I still have about 30K+ gps before I get to SG. Which just means there will be a lot less people to play once (if) I get there.