Any Solano County (707) Groups/Players?


I was wondering if there were any groups or players in the Solano County that meet regularly or are active players? I’m one of those “high end scrub” people who is good compared to friends and casual players, but I get wrecked anytime I play against anyone who actually knows what he or she is doing. I would like to get better, and find a group of players that I can learn, train, and socialize with.

My issue is that I live in Vacaville. I know there are some Bay Area and Sacramento Groups, but since I live right in the middle of SF and Sacramento along I-80, it’s still a bit of a drive for me to attend those meets on a regular basis.

The games I am currently trying to play are Street Figher 4 Arcade Edition, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, and Soul Calibur V.


See the ramnation thread. I live in VV too, but don’t play those games too much.


Thanks. I’ll go look for the thread now.


Hey I play AE. I live in suisun! Maybe we cab get together sometime and play.