Any Solo or Assist combos with Omega Red?



Any big combos that Omega Red could do alone or with the use of an assist?

Anything works just as long as I get a combo for him!



here are some staple combos you should know first.,, > qcf + lk, s.lp ^ sj.lp,, sj.lp > qcf + (any button…i prefer hp, just because its the one that looks like it should work…any work tho…even PP and KK)

burrowing coils (db/d/ > qcf + lk (good link when ur pressuring with the burrowing coils and you connect)

combos with assists…hmm…

well the only combos i really use with OR that include assists are with sent ground assists… they go kinda like…, s.lp, [press sent assist] ^ slowly sj.lp,, [flying screen]…

sentinel hits then you can…

qcf + hk [in the air]
qcb + PP [in the air or after you land…both require some timing…]
land then… qcf + lk

if you have any questions you can get at me on AIM at : oL0sT


Heres a good one-(with Omega’s back facing wall, or close to) s.lp,,^ sj.lp,,,brief pause, sj.lp,, PP coil (drain is optional, but you can drain briefly before having to do the next step), throw backwords to wall, air dash, sj.lp,,, PP coil, drain, throw up, air dash PP coil *be careful that you don’t accidently do Omega’s air super when doing the PP coil, as it might register as that if not done in the right direction, the air dash brings you to the other side of them which sometimes changes the input of motions, meaning occasional unwanted supers, also this part does not combo, but if you do it right you cross them up in the air and the coil will (obviously) connect if they don’t block the direction (hence, the crossup part of it).

Another one is(facing corner)launch, sj.lp,,, brief pause sj.lp, sj.fp, sj.rk,, c.fp(otg), throw,, s.lp,(reset) air combo of choice.

Those are some of my favorites. Damn this is a sloppy post…well, enjoy:D


I’ve been playing OR for the past few months and have been able to put together a few nice combos:

  1. J. Fierce, land, S. Short, S. Jab (launcher), Sj. Jab, Sj. Short, Sj. Jab, pause, Sj. Jab, Sj. short, Jab Coil Drain, throw in any direction

  2. (In corner) Do the same as above, but instead of going for the throw after the drain MAX OUT the drain until it ends then quickly sneak in a [jab, jab Coil Drain, jab, jab Coil Drain] repeat. This IS NOT an infinite…people can hit out of it or they can block in time, but it’s still a good tactic nonetheless. Think of it as a surprise attack. Trust me, I’ve done it on some Maryland players and they don’t expect it.

  3. Same as #1, but at the end of your combo…throw straight up and then go for a Vertical Coil Drain (QCF+PP). You can keep trying it because it does trick your opponents block, but again it’s more of a surprise tactic. Also, depending on where your opponent is off-screen, you might inadvertantly do a Carbonadium Smasher instead so BE CAREFUL. Just be random with it.

  4. J. Fierce, land, C. Short, C. Jab, C. Fierce, Short Omega Strike (Omega Strike has a good bit of lag so make sure to recoil after every hit).

  5. There’s an exception to the rule in #4. If you are close to a corner chances are that the Short Omega Strike will send them there. As your opponent lands from the hit QUICKLY go for a standard Fierce throw. Your opponent will bounce off of the ground and you can jump while following it up with J. Short X2, J. Roundhouse Coil Drain. You might be able to start OR’s corner infinite from the standard Fierce throw, but I can’t really do it.

  6. Not really a lengthy combo, but another surprise tactic. If you happen to connect a standard Fierce Throw in the middle of the screen…wait until your opponent recovers from the throw and QUICKLY sneak in a fullscreen Burrowing Coil XX Short Omega Strike. Chances are that your opponent won’t expect the Burrowing Coil immediately after the throw. It’s a low attack I believe.

Notes: OR’s J. Fierce and C. Fierce are ranked pretty high in MVC2’s move priority list. Also, don’t be afraid to anticipate a Magneto dash by throwing out random coils. Magneto players have a tendency to dash blindly and end up eating a lot of things like frying pans and Captain Corridors so the same can apply to OR’s coils. Yes, again, I’ve managed to catch a few Maryland players off-guard with random coils. Just use a little common sense of course and you should be fine.

My current OR team is: OR<B>/Sent<Y>/Cyke<B>

Maryland players are good.


well, i’m from Maryland

I wish my Omega was recognized…

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