Any speed difference between ps3 and 360 versions of this game?

I personally haven’t played the 360 version of this game yet, but I know that there was a slight difference in Vanilla, has anyone seen or tested the differences between the two if there are any?

I played both (mostly PS3) and have not seen any difference at all.

i played both early this week and ps3 is fucking trash. I was going to make a thread about it but I guess you beat me to it.

call the dog assist and make it hit on the ps3 and watch the game slow down to all of holy fuck. It never does that on the x360 version. In fact, the ps3 version has noticeable frame skipping during normals, specials, supers, and when assists are involved. There must be 75% more frame dropping\frame skipping going on for the ps3 version than the x360.

I don’t know if the ps3 version has a harder time processing the game but there is a HUGE difference going on and it would honestly suck to play this game @ EVO or any other big tournaments with that much of a difference between the 2 modern systems. To me, ps3 is unplayable because of the huge amounts of frame drop\frame skip going on. Its basically in slow motion for over half of the fight sometimes. its so bad @ times that it changes your timing on your combos and who knows if its dropping inputs because the game can’t process the information properly. Not to mention that when its skipping frames, it can totally throw off your block timing when characters start doing teleport+assist because the game can’t process it properly. You’ll be looking for particular animations and sometimes they just get skipped over and you’re instantaneously hit. I really don’t like the ps3 version

if I were to liken it something it would be DC mvc2 and ps2 mvc2.

That’s really unfortunate to hear. I was hoping that would be the first thing Capcom would try to fix given this opportunity. If true though I really hope the organizers of EVO realize that this game should really not be run on PS3 (if this is as severe as it was in vanilla anyway).

there is no difference.

I haven’t played the 360 version at all but the PS3 version is much better than vanilla was in regards to slowdowns/framedropping. At least I haven’t noticed any.

I hope to god its changed but its very unlikely. EVO has announced they were switching to ps3’s quite some time ago because it made things simpler on them. Most of the tournament games can be ran on that system and I doubt they will go out and get 50-100 new x360’s just so marvel players can have an accurate port. Those x360’s would serve no other purpose for tournament play other than to support marvel.

However for most of the other majors, I’m sure the x360 version will be used but EVO is a big tournament and a lot is on the line and it really sucks that we have to play on an inferior port.

the only people who can make a call on this are people who’ve actually played BOTH…while umvc3 might be better on ps3 than vanilla, its still a frame dropping POS and that hardly makes it good.

I know that top players complained at major events that were held that used the PS3 version of vanilla wasn’t as crisp as the 360 version.(I’ve read that to myself about 15 times now and it just sounds wrong, but hopefully you all get the point lol)

It’s really not that bad. I don’t have a 360, but I’ve only really noticed slowdowns during THC’s, and obviously when the match begins and the camera pans around. Now that I can skip that camera thing, I don’t even care about that slowdown. I really don’t notice any frames skipped or anything outside of those two instances, and it certainly doesn’t mess up my combos or my blocking. I will say though, Storm/Ammy/Dante THC is the lolz slowdown of the century. :rofl:


I play it on 360 and it NEVER EVER lags, no matter what happens.

First time I played it on PS3, the frame skipping and lag was fucking unbearable and I had to stop playing after one game.

I know at Super Arcade where WNF are held, the game runs on the PS3. I’m used to playing on the 360. There is enough difference for me to notice, but not enough worth complaining about.

Also worth saying but Playstation Network is god awful and you should avoid it all costs (say, the cost of one year of XBox live).

Oh boy, a console war thread. Dark Phoenix with X-Factor and Healing Field on Asgard is going to slow the game down, regardless of platform. EVO uses the PS3 version because the 360 version has an input glitch where you can block both ways at the same time. Suck it up and deal with it.

That being said, the PS3 version of Ultimate is much more stable than Fate of Two Worlds when it comes to maintaining a consistent framerate.

I usually play on PS3. Periodically I play on 360, there’s definitely a difference… 360 seems noticeably faster to me.

Actually no you are very wrong. The input glitch has nothing to do with it. Evo uses ps3 BECAUSE sony sponsored the event with ps3s with tekken 5 ( it was only available on ps3 at the time )

Seriously you knew guys just talk out of your asses with srk facts you get spoonfed.

Anyways both are the same, no known offline differences yet.

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lol wut. wnf is on xbox360 dummy. sigh, this forum. smh

evo uses the ps3 version because they have ps3’s and arent going to go purchase a bunch of xbox360s. its truly as simple as that, contrary to the srk whispers and rumors. ps3 is the worst system to play on for any modern fighting game short of possibly tekken 6, which doesnt matter, and final round will still use ps3 because thats what they have, and no ones going to go buy a bunch of 360s, but serious effort needs to be put in for a change. my first ps3 experience with vanilla at evo compared to 360, was the difference between lava and cold water. it was horrible. combos i can do in my sleep wouldnt work. anyways, yeah, ps3 is garbage, and your wrong as to why evo isnt using 360. so shhhh

pretty much every top player knows ps3 is the inferior system and acknowledges it. you just have to talk to folks outside of interviews and shit where theyre oddly just being nice. i remember playing viscant, then kbeast was up next to play after i got blown up on shitty ps3, and he got blown up too (we both played viper teams). we both started talking and was like, wtf ps3 is trash, cause he only played on 360 in norcal period, and evo was his first experience on ps3 too. i also played marlinpie on the same tv setups i had been getting blown up at evo on with ps3, but this time with 360, and it felt just like my 360 on a crt. it was perfect. i do a button test with seismos, 6 in a row real quick. great. ps3 even on crt was horrible. basic cr.l,m,h,s, sj.h magneto fly combo shit wouldnt work right. the easiest shit to do in the world short of pressing start, and i couldnt get it right in 3 tries. i just put the controller down and walked away. the list goes on, but i assure you, from sf4 to mvc3, most people you see on stream weekly that i talked to about it at evo agree ps3 is trash, but it is what it is. gotta play on ps3 too, or just dont enter the tourney. speak with your money.

so id be cautious of the srk members who are like, ps3 is fine, no difference. they have to be scrubs, and or retarded. ps3 is the worst.

I’m amused by the double standards in this thread. If you’re tired of consoles ruining your tourney experience, go find someone with the opposite console and get ready for a tournament over a weekend or something. It’s really not that hard. Or just buy the other console and get used to it for tournaments.

Or you just are here to complain and you never go to tourneys. If you can’t find a console buddy, I guess that’s what you can call it, then you’re gonna have to buy it to stay updated. Shit sucks, but if you want to be competitive you’ve gotta suck that shit up.

There is nothing wrong with the PS3 version, if you lost on the ps3 you need to get better as a player. Man up!!!

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