Any SRK heads ever play Dragonforce for Sega Saturn?


First off,

Damnnnnn its super nostalgic to be back here posting something. So folks who had played this game, what interest would you have in a similar game that was heavily inspired by the original game.

I say this because I am totally working on one right now.



One of my fave RPGS of all time. Junon(?) was my main bish. Love the npc recruitment, tower/troop management, interwoven storyline.

i would love another rpg similar to it, on ps3 or 3ds.

Maybe add micromanagement of the troops/skill set. larger world map. a balanced variety of “kingdoms”.


Thanks for the input reg!

So we are adding more timing based special moves, a momentum meter you can build as the battle progresses which do kingdom unique attacks / moves. We are making it for PC but have plans to go for other systems, like tablet, XBL and PSN.

Also loved Junon, she was a welcome surprise first time i played her.

We got major plans for a variety of kingdoms also, as each Kingdom will have their own Vision of how the story plays out. No unified story with race flavor text like Dforce had.


I bought Dragon Force 2 but never really got into it because my Japanese wasn’t strong enough- I did play a transation of Langrisser 2 for the Genesis/MD, which has a very similar engine, or so I came to find out. I enjoyed the shit out of it.

It had a few downsides (too easy to get the “bad” ending, and if you beat the enemy leaders too quickly without taking out their pawns, you don’t get enough EXP and the game gets too hard later), but if you’re talking about strategy RPGs of that genre, it’s definitely worth a look.


We pretty much decided we wanted our game to have elements of Dforce without being too ridiculous. Our primary focus was to make the AI smart enough to be dangerous as the primary complaint from the die hards are gamefaqs sited the AI as being too lenient on players mistakes.


I actually have a friend’s Saturn and a copy of this game. I think it was a backup copy though and I don’t know if the Saturn is good at reading anything anymore since it is so old.

My friend raved about it. I think I played a few minutes but didn’t know what I was doing, and setting the Saturn up to run feels awkward now that I’m used to mostly gaming on PC or at least having wireless controllers on a console.

But I guess I might as well ask here, what exactly are the controls and how the game works? Just a quick little walkthrough or pointers is fine. I don’t have enough time these days to actually get through games but I’m hoping to change that in the near future. Maybe in a couple of months I’ll start catching up on stuff, maybe I’ll have to have this one high on my priority list.


This game was dope. My bro got it back when I was little, I never beat it with any kingdoms though. Use to always watch my bro play. He picked that Wein or whatever? Anyways he would always do those searches and find those statues that he gave to his main dudes and their mana or whatever would be huge… spam those specials every fight. I haven’t seen any other game like it since then. There’s Generation of Chaos for the PSP/Android, but it’s a lot more tedious… the menus suck, and the army control isn’t as good.


Honest question. Is a Sega Saturn worth buying? I mean what games are exclusive to it that are worth a purchase as of now?


I was a good system, but it doesn’t really have that much support and that’s why it failed. Probably if you can read Japanese there are more games to play that would be classics.

It had good fighting games since PSX couldn’t actually handle stuff, like I remember Saturn XvSF was just like the arcades, but PSX had to use single player and rounds because it couldn’t do tagging. But what would you need that for now when you can get that stuff emulated on PC or off XBL or something?

If you like JRPGs, there were a few. Dragon Force obviously is one game, but I liked Shining the Holy Ark a lot too. Shining Wisdom was a solid action RPG game. I think there was Albert Odyssey and a few others. Shining Force 3 was fantastic and was a 3 scenario game where the US only got the first, but fans have translated the other 2 scenarios now so you could play the entire thing.

There was also Nights, which was a fantastic, unique game that I can’t really genre define since it is it’s own genre.

Now here is the thing, how are you going to find a system and these games? I would say you need a modded system so you can at least play copies, as there is no way you will find these games anywhere now. I don’t know how good Saturn emulation is, but I would say maybe just get it emulated. Also the Saturn controllers are still legendary, probably the last great console controller.


Saturn emulators are ass… which is what makes the system so precious and reason why I’m mad my bro ended up ebaying the Saturn and all our games for a quick buck.


Panzer. Dragoon. Saga.


Yeah beside Dragon Force, Panzer Dragoon Series and Saga, Burning Rangers, Guardian Heroes though its out on XBL, Magic Knight Rayearth, Albert Odyssey Gaiden, Legend of Thor (Beyond Oasis Sequel), Radiant Silvergun, shining in the darkness, Shining Force. There are at least 20 games worth owning on the saturn.


I bought a modded japanese saturn. I got hooked up w/ like 150 games. I hooked up Dragonforce but for some reason i forgot how to play. WTF, i remember playing this game for hours on end.


Is Demonforce the japanese version of Dragonforce? I remember downloading it when I was in highschool and couldn’t play it being it was all in japanese.


i have a saturn, but only panzer dragoon 1, and 2.
i’ve been meaning to get more games for awhile now, but i seem to never get around to it, lol.


I liked my Saturn more then my PS, I was starting to think I was the only one who played Dragonforce. I got it as a Christmas present and put well over 100 hrs in it.




The japanese version i believe was still called Dragonforce. Not sure what demonforce is.


Saturn library is good, but-

I can 100% recommend getting a Saturn if you’re going to mod it or learn the swap trick to play burned games; I love my Saturn, but unless you’re going to put a fair amount of money into finding random games, there’s a limited number of good games you’re going to find legit copies of at reasonable prices. Similar to Dreamcast, though Saturn games would actually cost you more.


great game and one of the best rpg’s i know.