Any SRKers familiar with Visas?

I know there are a lot of you guys that live all over the world. I was wondering if anyone can help with my situation and have any advice?

I married my Wife (who is a Canadian citizen and was in the U.S on a visitors Visa I believe) in the U.S. We both went to Trinidad for the ceremony, and I flew back separately because she needed to stay a little bit longer. When she tried to come back to the US, they told her that she had overstayed her visitor status, and that she could return when she gets the paperwork done.

That’s where you guys come in. It seems like this Visa thing is just a huge web of crap. I’m not exactly what I have to file, and in what order. I believe I need to file for the I-130, as well as the K-3. Are there any SRKers that have been through this and know anything about this mumbo jumbo? I just want my wife back, back she can’t move back up without us taking care of all this paperwork. Any help from you guys would be awesome :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear that. This type of stuff is hard to deal with, being separated from your wife and all, but I’ma say the solution in one word. Lawyer.

Sorry, I know you want to believe you can do it all yourself and that it’ll be cheaper and what not, but no. Get an immigration lawyer. The filing fees for those forms are expensive and the government will NOT reimburse you if you file one improperly and it gets rejected, if you just file something you don’t even need, or if they just decide to outright deny your request. You lose $$$. The lawyer will ensure you file the right forms properly and also get it done much quicker.

Also, don’t just go by what someone tells you. Unless it’s your lawyer, of course. Every immigration case is different and even minor differences can have a big impact on the requirements for your case.

Get a lawyer as soon as possible. G’luck. :tup:

100% agree with Manx. Get a Lawyer asap.

Alright. My wife actually linked me a website to take a look at.
Only thing is it’s going to be 75 bucks for either a half hr phone call or 75 bucks for one email of advice. And more money for them to file the papers. So long as I can get this stuff taken care of, though.

Seriously… I’m not sure where you live, but try to find an immigration attorney. Yes, you’re married, assuming you’re an American Citizen and the marriage is valid and licensed in the country of ceremony (I.E. you didn’t just have a ceremony but you ACTUALLY are registered now as being married by the government of Trinidad and Tobago) you can absolutly file the paperwork and have her visa extended to permanent residency.

I mean sure hindsight if 20/20 but in most situations like this, most people will go down to the County Courthouse, get married by the County Clerk, then go to their destination wedding where they’ll do all the “wedding stuff” but not file paperwork with the country of ceremony since they’re already married in the United States and then the County Clerk, knowing she married a foreign national to an American Citizen has special paperwork to file with the department of State that expidites this whole process but that’s hindsight.

SO, if you did turn in your paperwork in Trinidad and have copies that’ll be helpful for your immigration attorney. IF NOT, then I would consult an immigration attorney ASAP about having her visitor visa extended even on a quick temporary basis just so you can go down to a courthouse and finalize your marriage arrangement in the United States.

AND FINALLY: Congratualtions on your nuptiuals.

I’m really close to someone that works for the NVC. Get an immigration attorney if you find the process too bewildering. It’s not as daunting as it seems, though.

Just don’t fuck anything up. You have to insert coins to play again. And man, this country makes fucking bank on perverts and mistakes.

I won’t be contributing to this thread hereafter or entertaining PMs.

Are you saying she’s stuck at Trinidad or Canada?

Anyway, you really done fucked up…If you marry outside the US its going to be really hard to bring your foreign wife to the US…Lots of paperwork, money, & time…Its probably going to cost you a couple thousand & expect to have your wife in about 6months to 2 years wait time…

But the question is did he actually file the paperwork and get married or did they have a “ceremony”. I mean the fact is, her being Canadian does help. She could easily apply for another Visitation Visa while his immigration attorney worked out all the details. They do Visas my wife works there. I can tell you this it is very tricky when you are on a visa and leave the country and try and come back. You should have got your paperwork started on her green card before you left the country and then they tell you that you can’t travel out the country for two years. If you anymore questions pm me and I will shoot them to my wife.

It’s not just money that you will lose. Filling the forms out incorrectly makes you lose a large amount of time and processing takes forever. Get a good lawyer.

For the record, we got married in the U.S. We went to the court house, had a small ceremony, and paid for and received the marriage license. We just went to Trinidad because her family lives there.