Any ST players in Toronto/GTA?

I’ve regained interest in fighting games since discovering a local SF2CE cabinet. Now I’m practicing on Fightcade. I don’t see many familiar names from the GGPO days. Might as well meet local players if there are any meetups.

I just want to improve. What better way than to indulge in the local scene?

Yeah. there is a whole bunch. I used to be playing a whole lot, but now i’m pretty far out of the GTA. there are players in hamilton, Tdot, London… check on facebook: super turbo toronto.
and there is this page: ST in Toronto

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I checked that link, and it’s quite impressive. I’m glad we have a local ST community. The issue is how do I get in touch with these folks???

I just tried searching Facebook for Super Turbo Toronto and can’t find such a group or page. Maybe it’s a secret group?

Many years ago, when I used to play on GGPO, Unessential was trying to get me to show to the A&C meetups. I had too much crap on my plate back then and couldn’t commit to gaming outside of my house. Now things are a little smoother and I regret not connecting with local players. I need to find a way to get in touch with good local players!

Sup Homie,

We meet up at Raiders Esports Bar every Wednesday. It’s at Yonge and St. Clair area.

I can’t make it out every week anymore but usually somebody with a board shows up.

I think Unessential left his c4 explos… I mean supergun and board setup there for us to use in case he doesn’t come.

We just had a big tourney on the previous Saturday.

I think I remember you, on ggpo at least.

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