Any sticks on sale?


Hey guys,

Recently I’ve decided to get into fighting games (hence the new account here) and as I’m sure everyone knows, EVO is going on. I heard that usually during big events like EVO and E3, there are some hefty discounts on fight sticks. Are there any at the moment? I’m specifically looking to get a Madcatz TE stick, but I don’t really want to fork up $150+.


You missed the big sales, they all happen prior to Evo


At Madcatz’s website they have the FighStick PRO and the FightStick KE on sale for $50 off with the code MCZ2014. Also free shipping now.


The promo code for the Evo sale is still active today, even though Evo is over. I would buy quickly if you don’t want to miss it.


So I tried ordering the 360 stick but it says that I was unable to place the order because it was out of stock. The ad says its valid on pre-order of the 360 stick though. Anyone else running into this problem?