Any Store that sells VGA to Composite Video adapters?

Basically i want to take my laptop and put all the games in it on a TV so my friends can play as well and we wont have to bump heads.

so are there any (good) VGA to Composite video (yellow end, not component video) wires that are sold at radioshack or best buy (or would a local electronics store have this kind of thing)? how bad would the picture distortion/lag be if i got one?

I don’t think it’s a lag issue, it’s a cost issue.

When I bought my HDTV back in 2002, I was dumb and forgot to check for a VGA port, and realized too late that it didn’t have one. They cost anywhere from $75 to upwards of $150. If you google a bit, you’ll find them, but they aren’t cheap. Just be warned. Your better option would be to either use another computer that has DVI out or component video out, or simply find a bigger monitor to use. :\

If that price doesn’t scare you off though, I’d be glad to help you find one. They’re tricky to hunt down, but they do exist.

See if you have a S-video port on the side of your laptop. That is much easier to convert to composite.

since you want composite, im assuming you want to display your laptop on a sd tv. if so, a much cheaper option would be to get a simple s-video cable ($2-10) if your laptop has an s-video port (most do) and the tv has an s-video port.

use a pair of cheap ($10-20) pc speakers for sound.

Best place for any cables is :tup:

D’oh, he said composite, not component. D’oh!

Listen to these folks and definitely check if you have an S-Video output. Its a roundish plug, probably on the side or near the VGA output. The problem with using regular RCA through conversion would be lag, although I have experienced lag when plugging my laptop into an HDTV with S-Video too. YMMV.

thanks, nvm though, i completely forgot about my computer’s s-video output. it definitely has one, but because i never use it i forgot it was even there

thanks guys